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The OnHub – Futuristic Wireless Router

Would you like a wireless router that covers your entire home and handles all your devices? How about one that is really easy to setup and keep going? Want one that is constantly improved and updated at no additional cost. Look no further than the Google OnHub.

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Chromecast – Small Device Holds the Future of TV

Chromecast is a very small device that turns your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac into a streaming deviceThis is a little device we should all pay attention to because it gives us a glimpse of the future of television.

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Google Glasses – A look into the Future

Remember Geordi La Forge, the blind Star Trek engineer who wore a kind of weird prosthetic glasses that enabled him to see? Well, we may not yet have come that far, but, if Google has their way, someday we will be able to wear glasses that augment our reality.

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Google Toolbar & Firefox 5

A few week’s ago, the folks at Mozilla came out with a new version of their Firefox web browser – Firefox 5. They declared that Firefox 4, which I was using, had security holes and recommended that everyone upgrade to version 5 immediately.So I upgraded to Firefox 5.

A problem was immediatly apparent. There were no updates for several of the add-ons that I was using. The most important one to me was the Google Toolbar which I used to access my Google Bookmarks.

I could still access my Google Bookmarks by going to the Google Bookmarks webpage, but it simply wasn’t as convenient as having an icon right on my toolbar for my bookmarks. I tried putting my bookmark page in the Firefox favorite bar, but again, it wasn’t as convenient as having an icon that would drop down a list of my bookmarks.

The solution was to install an add-on called the  Compatibility Reporter. This allowed me to install and use the Google Toolbar without a problem.

I was pretty happy until I realized that Google did not seem to be as punctual as usual with an update for the Google Toolbar for Firefox 5. A little research gave me the answer. Google was not going to do an update. There would be no Google Toolbar for Firefox 5. Google claims that the “new browsers’ are capable enough on their own and don’t need an add-on like the Google toolbar.” But I was a Google Toolbar and Google Bookmark user from Day 1. I love the Google Toolbar. It not only lets me search quickly, but it gives me quick links to my Google websites. It highlights chosen words. It translates. It auto-fills forms. It lets me share info with others quickly.  I also love Firefox and have accumulated a bunch of wonderful add-ons that I use everyday. Although my work-around withe the Compatibility Reporter is currently working, as new Firefox versions appear, this may not work anymore.

I am both angry and disappointed. What would make Google do this? Unless I am missing something, Google must be trying to get  users away from Firefox in hopes of having them change to Chrome, Google’s browser. If the reson that Google gave for discontinuing Google Toolbar, “that new browsers are capable enough without their toolbar”, then they will discontinue the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer as well.

If this means an end to Google Toolbar, it is a sad day for all those who have come to rely on the convience that the Google Toolbar offers.


Google Doodle Lets You Play Guitar

Today’s Google Doodle honoring Les Paul is one of the most enjoyable Doodle’s that I’ve seen  — and it’s interactive.

Google Doodle Honoring Les Paul

In celebration of Les Paul’s 96th birthday, Google’s home page exhibits an interactive guitar that of course, spells out “Google”. If you go to Google’s home page today, you can actually play on the guitar. You can even record your masterpiece.  For those of you who miss this, check out my recording.  You won’t be impressed by my musical ability, but the interactive guitar is fantastic.

Also, here is a YouTube video from someone who took the time to create a song on the interactive guitar.

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