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Bheestie Bag Recovers Water-logged Gadgets

The Bheestie Bag saved a waterlogged iPod Touch and a Blackberry. Read all about it here.

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Microsoft Nukes Gadgets including Clock and Calendar

SECURITY ALERT!! Microsoft is warning that you must disable your clock and other gadgets immediately. Details follow.

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Computer America Radio Show

Sandy is now a regular on Craig Crossman’s Computer America radio show. Here’s the details on when to listen!

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Charge All You Devices Easily

I have gadgets galore. It ‘s great, except when it comes time to charge them all up. Charging them all in one place is a good idea because then I know where they are, but all the cables, cords, and power blocks became a maize that I hated to deal with.

Enter the Chargepod. This octopus-like device is lets you put it all together with one plug going into the wall. The Chargepod itself is only 2 1/2″ in diameter and weighs only one ounce. It comes with a selection of short cables, as shown below, that you can use to attach and charge as many as six devices including cell phones, GPS devices, digital games, MP3 players, iPods, bluetooth headphones and more.

Chargepod by Callpod
Chargepod by Callpod

Chargepod by Callpod

The $49.95 kit includes 3 of the most popular charging tips and one free tip of your choice. The $59.95 kit includes 3 of the most popular charging tips and three free tips of your choice. Both kits include a car charger and carry bag.  Both of these kits can be found for less. International adapters are also available.

Ordering the extra tips was extremely easy and I received mine in only two days. Great company! Great product!


Widgets and Gadgets

I’ve been working on an article about widgets and gadgets and I forgot how much fun they are to look through and play with. I have the Windows Sidebar on my Vista computer, but hadn’t really taken the time to customize it until now. There are quite a few good gadgets available for the Vista Sidebar.

I also downloaded the most current version of Yahoo! gadgets on one of my XP machines and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had improved the program quite a bit since I looked at it a few years ago when it was owned by Konfabulator. Now they have over 4,000 widgets to choose from.

For those of you who might not be familiar with gadgets and widgets, these are tiny little programs that reside on your desktop and are constantly updated. Microsoft calls them gadgets and everyone else calls them widgets. They have long been a part of Mac OS X, as well.They are perfect for clocks, to do lists, stock tickers, sports scores, and weather programs. I was surprised to see that there are so many to choose from now, and also amazed by the usability of some of them. You can get everything from the status of the London underground Tube to live views of traffic in many different areas.

I’ll keep on playing and let you know which are my favorites.

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