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Make a Customized Cover for your iPhone with CaseMaker Pro

If you are a creative or sentimental person, you may like to personalize you smartphone with pictures of loved ones, sports teams, or places you dream of visiting. If you like to change you phone’s looks often, this gadget may be for you.

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InspireMyCase iPhone Cover

InspireMyCase makes it easy to create a customized case for your iPhone. Just choose a picture and head over to their website.

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ToddyGear Wedge Review

I love it when I come across an inexpensive product that is truly useful. The ToddyGear Wedge is one such product.

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My Monkey – Griffin KaZoo iPhone Case

It’s whimsical. It’s cute. It’s usable. It’s protective. This is my everyday iPhone 5 cover. It is by far one of the best cases that I’ve used. I started using it because my iPhone looked  just like my husband’s Razr phone and we kept getting them mixed up. With the monkey, there is no confusion. There is no way he will pick up my phone by mistake.

I love the way the monkey makes me smile. It also makes others smile, as well, especially when I am taking pictures with my iPhone.

The case is made from a thick silicone material and all the controls are covered — one of his ears is the volume control. Dropping the phone is not much of a worry when the monkey is on. The only caveat is that the rubberized material makes it difficult to slide it into a pocket.

If that doesn’t bother you, get yourself a KaZoo and it is sure to make you smile! You can also get a blue elephant and similar cases for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch.


Manufacturer: Griffin Technologies

Retail: $24.95

Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Bag

Mobile Edge ScanFast Bag
Mobile Edge ScanFast Bag

Mobile Edge ScanFast Bag

It wasn’t long ago that only business road warriors needed laptop computers and bags to carry them in. My — how things have changed! Now retirees are using laptops when they hit the road, and people of all ages are toting their laptops along  so so they can connect to the Internet when they travel.

With security screening at airports, toting a laptop has become problematic because with most cases, you must remove the laptop from the bag and put it on the conveyor belt. The new ScanFast laptop bags are different. They are TSA approved so you don’t have to remove the laptop from the case. You simply open the case and send it through the x-ray machine. It’s one way to make air travel easier.

Since this January, I have used Mobile Edge ScanFast Messenger bag for several flights. Each time it went through security quickly and easily without removing the laptop saving a lot of aggravation. Best of all, after you get through security, you can simply zip the bag and go. I feel a lot more comfortable about having control over my laptop when it travels down the belt.

I am using the Mobile Edge Checkpoint Friendly Messenger style bag. Mobile Edge has obviously put a lot of thought into the design of this bag. It has a small handle plus a comfortable shoulder strap.There are four outside zippered pockets. One is the perfect size for airline tickets and travel documents. The area for the computer is padded and marked “Computer Friendly”. The bag is not over-sized, but it can easily handle my 16″ Sony laptop. There are also several inside pouches and pockets, including ones that are perfectly sized for paper folders, USB drives, CDs & DVDs, pens, memory cards, and business cards.  Everything is easily accessible. I now have no excuse for not being organized when I travel.

I am also impressed with the quality of the bag, itself. It is sturdy. The zippers are strong. Best of all the bag is eco-friendly. It is made from corn. Specifically, it is made from DuPont Sorona, a material  derived from corn, requiring 30% less energy to manufacture and reducing greenhouse emissions by 63%!

This bag retails for $99 and is worth every penny. Mobile Edge also has a briefcase bag and a backpack in the same model line.

Let’s face it, I have a lot of laptop bags to choose from. I started off using this bag for air travel, but it has become my “go-to” bag whenever I need to take my laptop along!

Mobile Edge - Stylish Laptop Cases and Accessories

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