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Amazon Tech Support

Today I called Amazon tech support for the first time and I was very pleasantly surprised at having a great experience. Read about it here:

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you use Amazon Prime and like to watch TV, this little beauty is what you need. The Fire TV Stick is a small device about the size of your thumb. It plugs into the HDMI port

Fire TV Stick
Fire TV Stick
on your HD TV. When you change the input on your TV to the proper setting, you get a crisp, clear, and colorful interface. If you purchase the device from Amazon and you are a Prime member, it will come pre-configured with your information so all you have to do is enter the name and password of your wireless network.

The Fire Stick comes with a remote that you can use to control it. If you have a smart phone or tablet you can download an app and use your portable device as a remote control. Doing that gives you the ability to use voice search for the Fire Stick.

Amazon also has a $99 Fire TV. This gives you a little more power for playing games and a port that you can use if you want to hook it up to your home theater. The $39 Fire TV stick, however, is perfect for the average user.

It works seamlessly with Amazon Prime, but also works for Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and other streaming movie services. At $39 it makes streaming movies easy.

Paperwhite Kindle Review

As a Kindle user, I was very excited when Amazon announced the Paperwhite Kindle. Who wouldn’t want a wonderful Kindle that keeps the e-ink technology, but adds a light and a whiter background? ¬†Unfortunately, the Paperwhite just didn’t deliver for me.

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Amazon Planning Rebate for E-book Purchases

Amazon has announced rebates for many e-books purchased in the past two years. This is all a result of the recent suite by the Department of Justice.

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Kindle Fire HD Review

For the past 2 ¬Ĺ years, the iPad has been the only tablet to own, and you had to shell out $500 or more to own one. New products this year are changing all of that. The new Amazon Fire HD is selling for $199 and while not perfect, but it does offer a lot for the price.

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