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Protective Case for the iPhone

The Pink OtterBox 3G Case
The Pink OtterBox 3G Case

The Pink OtterBox 3G Case

My iPhone is great. I use it all the time. Although I am very careful with it, in the course of the last few months, I have dropped it a few times and have almost spilled drinks on it more than once. That, plus the fact that I will soon be visiting my 8-year-old grandson, propelled me to look for a protective case for my iPhone. You see, the applications on the iPhone are absolutely wonderful. I want to play bowling, etch-a-sketch , and several other iPhone games with my grandson, but after all, he is an 8-year-old boy! Putting the iPhone in his hands without a protective cover didn’t seem wise.

After a pretty extensive search of cases, I decided on an OtterBox Defender Series case. This is a hard plastic case made of hi-impact Polycarbonate. It is surrounded by an added layer of Silicone that is like a protective skin. The plastic housing comes in two pieces. So you just insert your iPhone and snap the two pieces together. Then you simply pull Silicone skin over the hard case. This case is sturdy and is sure to protect my precious iPhone from the bumps and drops caused by either an 8-year-old boy or his grandmother.

This OtterBox case also slides into a hard plastic holder with a clip that can be used to attach it to a belt, pocketbook, or other item. The clip can be rotated 360 degrees so that the device can be clipped either vertically or horizontally. However, be aware that i had trouble wearing it  on a belt. The phone would not stay in place in the plastic holster. So if you want something to sit securely on your belt, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Back of OtterBox with Clip
Back of OtterBox with Clip

Back of OtterBox with Clip

The iPhone is completely usable when in the OtterBox case. All controls are accessible, but everything is fully protected by the cover. Ports like the microphone port are covered by strongly hinged plastic tabs which can be easily opened for quick accessibility. Although the case is not rated for submersion in water, I am confident that it will keep my iPhone protected from inadvertent spills.

I’ve used other OtterBox cases before and been pleased by the quality. And this iPhone 3G case comes in PINK! On top of that OtterBox is donating 10% of the purchase price to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. For me, this OtterBox is a win-win situation.

For those of you who are interested, Otterbox also has cases for iPods, BlackBerrys, and many other devices!!

iFrogz Treadz 3G iPhone Case

iFrog Treadz Back
iFrog Treadz Back

iFrog Treadz Back

One of my first choices for an iPhone case was the iFrogz Treadz. I use an iFrogz case for my iPod video and have been very happy with the fit and the protection it provides.

The Treadz was quite unique. As you can see the design on the back looks like a tire tread. Although the website said it would take up to 12 days for delivery, I received the Treadz in 2 days. As expected, the case had a great feel — firm but slightly rubbery. It prevented the iPhone from sliding around on a desk and had a nice feel in the hand. I loved the Treadz look.

The Treadz came with a clear plastic screen protector that covered the face of the iPod to protect it from scratches. Unfortunately, the screen protector came with a crease across it, making it unusable. I went to the iFrogz website requested another screen cover. I was amazed to get a response the same day that the new screen cover was on its way. I was equally amazed two days later when I received another complete iTreadz case with the screen cover.

iFrogz TreadZ
iFrogz TreadZ

iFrogz Treadz

As shown in this picture, the black plastic casing of the Treadz ran all the way around the face of the iPhone. You can barely see it in the photo, but there plastic runs over the bottom of the face of the iPhone with a hole in the plastic for the iPhone button. Although my small fingers should have been able to press the button, I couldn’t seem to get used to pressing my finger in the “hole” every time I wanted to press the button. Also, the black plastic on the bottom interfered with the bottom buttons on the screen. Although these complaints were pretty minor, I was not happy with the Treadz case because of them.

Back at the iFrogz website, I asked if I could return it and choose another. Again, the answer came quickly and was positive. I was given the address to return the 2 cases that I received. Almost immediately after the return, I received a phone call from iFrogz suggesting that I try the 3G Luxe Case and asking which color I would like.

I’ll let you know how I like the new case, but in the meantime I can highly praise the iFrogz company and their customer support. I purchased the case directly from their website, so to them I was just another customer rather than someone who was reviewing their product.

Every time I contacted iFrogz, I was greeted with a quick response from an intelligent and caring representative. They were accommodating to all my requests. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Search for an iPhone Case

My new iPhone is sleek and shiny so I decided that I’d better get a case to keep it that way. Since they changed the size of the iPhone from the first generation, I could hardly find a case when the iPhone came out a few weeks ago. Now, however, iPhone 3G cases are rapidly appearing on various websites and in stores. I’m already trying a few of them out. Check back here for iPhone case reviews soon. If any of you have already found a great case, please add a comment to let me know.

iPhone 3G, “Try It, You’ll Like It” Review

3G iPhone
3G iPhone

I am as excited about the new iPhone as I was in 1981 when I bought my first IBM PC. Now that is a pretty strong statement, but this is a pretty spectacular device. Like the IBM PC, the iPhone has not only the hardware but also the software applications to make it a revolutionary device.

While Blackberries can already do much of what the iPhone can do, the big change here is that the iPhone is not just a business device. It is a device that everyone can use and enjoy. It is visual and tactile and that functionality make it easy to use. No nested menus — everything is easy to find.

It’s not perfect, but it has already changed my everyday life. I just posted my complete iPhone review with pictures and graphics at Hardware Secrets. Check it out to find out why the iPhone is not only the most famous smartphone, it is one that will be change the way we look at cell phones.

iPhone 2nd Generation – Time to Buy??

Last year when the iPhone first appeared, I suggested waiting for the next generation of the iPhone in which Apple would shake out the bugs and add more features. Well, that time has come. The new Apple iPhone is definitely appealing.

Apple's iPhone
Apple's iPhone

The pluses are many:
1. With support for 3G networks, the new iPhone will be much faster than the old one.
2. Apple has slashed the price. The 4GB model will now sell for $199 and the 8GB model for $299.
3. GPS satellite location is built into the new iPhone
4. Apple has opened the phone for new applications. Games, location services,support for enterprise features, and plenty of cool software will be available.
5. This iPhone has improved battery life.

There is only one con, but it may very important for some:
1. AT&T has upped the minimum monthly data charge, which you need for the iPhone to work, from $20 to $30.

One other problem for me and for at least some others, is that AT&T hasn’t yet initiated a 3G network in my area. That means I would be paying that extra monthly fee for faster access that I could only use when I travel.

I want to buy the new iPhone, but many other companies will be introducing new “iClone” models of their own. So I feel obliged to check them out before I fork over my $$$. Feel free to post your comments. I’d love to know what others are thinking.

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