Staples to Offer 3D Printing

Staples will soon be putting a technology of the future into the hands of its everyday customers as they prepare to offer 3D printing in their stores.

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ToddyGear Wedge Review

I love it when I come across an inexpensive product that is truly useful. The ToddyGear Wedge is one such product.

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My Monkey – Griffin KaZoo iPhone Case

It’s whimsical. It’s cute. It’s usable. It’s protective. This is my everyday iPhone 5 cover. It is by far one of the best cases that I’ve used. I started using it because my iPhone looked  just like my husband’s Razr phone and we kept getting them mixed up. With the monkey, there is no confusion. There is no way he will pick up my phone by mistake.

I love the way the monkey makes me smile. It also makes others smile, as well, especially when I am taking pictures with my iPhone.

The case is made from a thick silicone material and all the controls are covered — one of his ears is the volume control. Dropping the phone is not much of a worry when the monkey is on. The only caveat is that the rubberized material makes it difficult to slide it into a pocket.

If that doesn’t bother you, get yourself a KaZoo and it is sure to make you smile! You can also get a blue elephant and similar cases for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch.


Manufacturer: Griffin Technologies

Retail: $24.95

newKUBE — World’s Smallest MP3 Player

As expected from a device dubbed as the World’s smallest MP3 player, this thing is really tiny. It is literally a cube a little less than 1″ on any side. I always like to give the good news first, so I will say that for such a small device the sound is truly amazing. Now for the bad news.

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Loud Commercials Get Toned Down

If you hate the fact that television commercials are always louder than the television programming, you may be in luck. We are finally going to get rid of those aggravatingly loud commercials. Here’s the scoop.

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The Best Ways to Reach Santa

Writing a letter to Santa is soooo outdated. This year, you will want to reach out to him electronically. Verizon gives us this quick list of easy ways to reach Santa in the most modern way. With the help of the apps and websites below, and Verizon’s 4G LTE network, your kids can rest easy knowing Santa received their wish lists and that his reindeer are flying around right on schedule.

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5Star Urgent Response Review

Want to give a loved one a lifeline without spending a fortune? The 5 Star Urgent Response may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Swingline Stack-and Shred Shredder Review

Swingline Stack-and-Shred

Paper based ID theft is still a real issue and can spike during the Holiday season. We all know we should shred receipts and important papers, but many of us simply do not do it. This unusual shredder can help.

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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Review

Microsoft Surface RT

I recently got a good look at Microsoft’s first Surface tablet running Windows 8. If you are looking for a new tablet this year, you may want to consider the Surface. Here’s my mini review.

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