Windows 8.1 Preview is Here

Microsoft is in the process of improving Windows 8 and making it easier to use. I was able to recently take a look at Windows 8.1 (also called Blue).

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How to Deal with Malware

Malware is a big problem in our online world today. Did you know that last year more than 27 million strains of malware were created. This infographic tells an important story.

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Will My Old Apple Device Run iOS 7?

Apples new mobile operating system iOS 7 will be available this fall as a free update for Apple mobile devices. Of course, not all older Apple devices will be able to use iOS 7, but most of the newer ones will. Here is a list of the iOS 7 compatible devices. You will see that I’ve listed model numbers after the versions. If you don’t know what version of a product you have, just grab a magnifying glass and look at the back of the device for the model number.

  • iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or later. (A1349, A1332, A1387, A1428 and A1429).
  • iPad 2, iPad Retina or later, and all iPad Mini devices (A1395, A1396, A1397, A1416, A1430, A1403, A1458, A1459, A1432, A1454, A1455, and A1460).
  • iPod Touch 5th generation devices (A1421)


Apple’s New iOS 7 Will Make Your Apple Device Better Than Ever

ios 7
ios 7

The biggest announcement at this week’s Apple developer’s conference was the announcement of a new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iOS 7 will have a new cleaner look and plenty of new functionality. Siri will be smarter and you will have the option of using a male voice as well as the current female voice. There will be an activation lock to deter thieves and the photo app will be improved with filters and in-app editing.

Two new features that I applaud are the ability to get to the settings menu by swiping up with your thumb and the fact that now app will update automatically. There will also be a big update to Safari. In fact, if you have a compatible device, you will have a lot to look forward to with iOS 7. It will be available as a free update this fall.

If They Control our Data, They Control Us

The current governmental snooping scandal focuses on one thing: the amount of data they can collect. Once any one entity has control of vast amounts of data they can use it for whatever purpose they like.

While Google and others say that no one ever looks at that data, they are right. Only computers sift through the data. But computers are programmed by humans who can program the computer to retrieve any information they like from the data.

While the terrorists would like to kill Americans, they are even more interested in killing the American way of life. They have already succeeded in adding the burden of heavy security for travel and popular events. When they force the American public to give up their privacy, they have won another victory – a victory against the American constitution and the American way of life.

Once initiatives such as this are put in place, it is easy to augment them until all our civil liberties are completely devastated. At that time, the terrorists will have won the battle and the American public will have lost.

Yahoo! Mail Will Now Scan Every Email

If you are a Yahoo! Mail user and you just got a notice that you would have to upgrade your Yahoo! email, please realize that this means that Yahoo will now be scanning your email to deliver advertising.

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Angry Birds with Friends

abf feature image
abf feature image

The popularity of Angry Birds combined with the draw of games like Words with Friends that allow you to pit your game play against your friends, have brought us a new game called Angry Birds Friends. The most amazing thing is that this version is free for owners of both Apple and Android mobile devices. If you like Angry Birds and you are the competitive type, this may be the game for you!

If you aren’t familar with Angry Birds, check it out. If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, you can even try Angry Birds on your PC.

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No More Boxed Software for Adobe

Adobe has announced that it will no longer sell its popular Creative Suite of products, which includes Photoshop, in a boxed version.

Their new business model will be cloud-base subscriptions only. Photoshop will no longer reside on your computer. You will access it in the cloud while connected to the Internet.

While Microsoft and others have moved to the cloud, most companies have retained digital downloads that can still be installed on your computer.

This move by Adobe is an obvious attempt to thwart pirating of software. I can tell you that as a Photoshop user, I will not be making the move to the cloud-based subscription. Adobe is taking a chance with this new business model. Yet, if people buy into it and other companies follow suit, it may be only a matter of time before in-the-cloud computing is a necessity for everything and everyone. Only time will tell.

Compu-KISS was hacked but is safe now

The Compu-KISS website was hacked this week and was down for a full 36 hours while we worked to get the infestation cleared. If you tried to visit during that time, you probably received a virus alert about the website. Those alerts can be pretty scary, but they are for your protection.

Everything is now back to normal and you can continue to visit without any fear of contamination. We have taken extra precautions to assure future security.

The Compu-KISS website has been in existence for more than 16 years and has withstood a multitude of attacks….but this one got us. It seems that the bad guys are getting smarter and smarter. It doesn’t matter if you are the New York Times, the US Government, or a little guy like us – the hackers are out to get us all!!

This is a sad state of affairs. The people who created this hack are smart, creative folks. If only they would use their talents to help others, they could better the world rather than hurting all of us.