User Group Conference Aftermath

The SW User Group Conference in San Diego was great. Couldn’t find a nicer group of people. Some were techies. Some were just learning. All were friendly. So friendly in fact that they shared a bad cold with me. Actually, I don’t know what hit me, but right after the conference I came down with a doozy of a cold. Email confirmed that several others also contracted the same condition. Good thing I have a laptop computer to use while I nurse this cold from my easy chair.

One high tech product that also helped me through the cold was the ZVOX Mini that ZVOX sent me to review. It had been on the shelf for awhile and now I wish I had looked at it sooner. It is a small self-contained speaker system. I took it out of the box, hooked up my iPod with the included cable, and was able to listen to podcasts and music which made me feel much better. Couldn’t be easier to use and it sounds great!

PC User Group Conference

Speaking at the Southwest PC User Group in San Diego has been a fun time. This is a group of people who lead PC user groups across the Southwestern US. Camaraderie and good cheer permeated the entire conference. What a joy to see people who are using their computers to enhance their daily lives.

Airline Travel with New Rules

I was extremely apprehensive to travel the day after the thwarted terrorist attempt. I thought that the new security rules and stricter enforcements were sure to add much aggravation as I traveled from my home in Raleigh, NC to the Southwest PC User Group Conference in San Diego, CA. I arrived at the airport two hours early only to find that everything was orderly and effective. There were even signs and announcements at curbside telling you to transfer any liquids from your carry-on to your checked bag.

I checked my bags and headed over to security. Like most of the other travelers I had remove all liquids, creams, and gels. To make things easier I did not even carry a tube of lipstick and I pared down the number of electronic devices that I normally carry. I zoomed though in less than ten minutes. Not only did they have extra help in the screening area, but everyone was upbeat and helpful. My laptop, cell phone, and iPod posed no problem.

At some gates, security agents and National Guard troops were conducting further searches, inspecting the carry-on bags of every passenger, but my flight was not one of the chosen few for that inspection. Although my flight was two hours late, my worries about security hasted proved unfounded at least on this domestic flight. In fact, I was thoroughly amazed by the effeciency exhibited by the TSA. My experience was actually pleasurable. If you are traveling in the near future, there is hope that yours will be too….More on my experiences at the User Group Conference and my trip home to come….

High-Tech is a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend, but a recent survey by the Oxygen Network found that 77 percent of the women surveyed would opt for a new plasma television over a diamond solitaire necklace. The study also reported that 86 percent of the women would prefer a new digital video camera to a pair of designer shoes.

What?? They just figured that out? Even the Sex in the City girls who wore $800 shoes also carried gem-encrusted cell phones! I am often outraged by the fact that women are portrayed as low-tech peons who have to ask their husband and children for tech advice.

I’ve been in technology for over thirty years and I find that even those women who have just joined the computer revolution and happily jumping on the bandwagon. Most of the women I know are making decisions about purchasing computers, digital cameras, and MP3 players for themselves and for their families, as well. So speak up girls! Let’s let the world know we are intelligent, tech savvy and are movers and shakers in the high-tech world as well as in the kitchen!

Moving Wires and Cables

After two days of moving our office furniture to a new location, it was time to unpack the boxes. Files, folders, and computers were no problem at all, but in the end I was left with a gaggle of cables that filled an entire box. No one seemed to know which power cord went with which device. Okay, we were smart enough to mark some of them, but the labels had fallen off some, and many were not properly marked to start with. So here is my complaint. Why can’t companies standardize the power cords so that they are interchangeable? Oh, but they probably make a lot of money selling cables and cords to people who have lost theirs. I guess my wish is only a dream.

Sonos Makes Music More Fun

It’s a sad day because I have to pack up the Sonos Digital Music Player that I’ve been using for the last few weeks. My review time is over. Now you have to understand that my office is so filled with gadgets that sometimes I am thrilled to send one back just to have a little more breathing room.

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IE 7 & Opera Soothe Tired Eyes

My eyes get very tired at the end of the day when working on the Web. I never thought that a new Web browser would be my savior, but it is and I have two to choose from. The new Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9 both have simple ways to make everything on a Web page larger. It’s not like using the “Make text larger” menu choice. It’s much better.

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VA Puts Band-Aid on Veteran’s Privacy Issues

The VA is assuring veteran’s that the stolen personal information of more that 26 million veteran has not been accessed. It is a statement that may not be accurate. Veteran’s need to beware!

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Hello World!

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