Windows 8 Special Pricing Announced

Microsoft is offering some of the lowest upgrade prices ever for Windows 8. It will appear in October of this year. Here’s the scoop.

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Computer America Radio Show

Sandy is now a regular on Craig Crossman’s Computer America radio show. Here’s the details on when to listen!

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Get Every Last Drop of Ketchup

When I was a kid, when the ketchup bottle got to the bottom and the remaining ketchup wouldn’t come out of the bottle, my dad put water in the bottle and swirled it around to get out every last drop. While this “waste not, want not” attitude was admirable, I always hated using those last drops of watered-down ketchup. Now, technology has finally come to my aide.

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My birthday

Having a bithday with Internet friends can be a lot of fun.

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HDR App Produces Spectacular Photos

Today’s cell phones with cameras are making digital cameras obsolete. The pictures are getting better and better.

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Google Glasses – A look into the Future

Remember Geordi La Forge, the blind Star Trek engineer who wore a kind of weird prosthetic glasses that enabled him to see? Well, we may not yet have come that far, but, if Google has their way, someday we will be able to wear glasses that augment our reality.

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Amazon Kindle Fire — First Look

Just received my Kindle Fire and three things are readily apparent.

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The Motorola Droid Razr — Thin & Ultra-Capable

I loved my original Motorola Razr phone. So when Verizon announced the new Motorola Droid Razr, I was anxious to take a look.

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Amazon Fire – My Pick for the Hottest Holiday Gadget

Amazon Fire

Okay, I’m sticking my neck out early this year. My pick for this years hot holiday gadget is a device with a hot name — the Amazon Fire.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Fire, it is a tablet PC with a touchscreen that Amazon will be selling for $199. The Fire is not an iPad killer, instead it is the tablet for those who want to get into the tablet market without spending $500 or $600 dollars. The Fire is smaller than the iPad (7″ screen vs. 9.7″.) It has no camera or microphone, and can only connect through Wi-Fi (no cellular connection.)Yet it will allow you to surf the web, send and receive email, listen to music, read books, watch movies and TV shows, view magazines in color, and even read documents like Word documents

and PDFs. Oh, and I almost forgot….it will also let you play games. Amazon has created its own App store where you can download games and other apps just as you can from the Apple iTunes store.

The Fire uses the Android operating system, but has a special interface that was created by Amazon. It also has a special Web browser, called Silk, that is said to be very fast. The Fire will start shipping on November 15th. Amazon did a great job of creating the Kindle e-book readers so I am convinced that the Fire will also be a great product. I already put in my order. We won’t know until November 16th just how good the Fire is or how hot the flame will be, but if it meets expectations, I predict that it will be the hottest holiday gadget this year.

For $199 you can get a portable device that will do about 80% of what you do on a computer. And there is no monthly service charge.

I think we are looking at a winner!


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