Microsoft Wants Yearly Fees for Office

Microsoft wants you to subscribe to Microsoft rather than own it. And the switch to the subscription model is happening now. The new Office 2013 will cost $99.95 per year or $8.33 a month.

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HP ENVY 114E All-in-One Printer

If you are looking for a beautiful printer, the HP ENVY is a great choice. It’s the best-looking printer I’ve ever seen. It’s  a sleek and svelte shiny black beauty with silver trim. Yet it is not just good-looking. It is also one of the sturdiest printers I’ve ever handled.

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Buying a New PC? Get Windows 8 Upgrade Now

Microsoft has just opened their Windows Upgrade Offer website where, if you purchased a new Windows 7 PC after June 2, you can pre-order a $15 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

Just go to the site, select your county and follow the registration process. Beginning October 26, 2012, registered customers will receive an email with a promotion code and instructions for purchasing and
downloading the software. The promotion code can be redeemed during the upgrade ordering process to receive the promotional price


Let Us Know What You Think

The new website, blog, and forums (message boards) are up and running. Click here and fill in the form to let us know what you think.

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Bheestie Bag Recovers Water-logged Gadgets

The Bheestie Bag saved a waterlogged iPod Touch and a Blackberry. Read all about it here.

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New Tablets Galore

Word is officially out – Amazon will soon release a new Kindle Fire. In a recent interview with Reuters, Staples president Demos Parneros talked about Amazon offering “five or six” new tablet variants to build on its initial success with the Kindle Fire. These might be two or three new versions with different storage capacities, but in any case, it seems that there will be at least two new models.

The new Android tablet, the Google’s Nexus 7, has generated such demand that it is completely sold out online and very difficult to find anywhere.

Samsung is poised to announce a new Galaxy Note II. This is a phone that comes close to a tablet with a 5.5” screen.

With Window 8 debuting on October 26th, there are sure to be several Windows 8 tablets appearing, as well. Watch out Apple! Everyone is seriously gunning for you!

FREE Apps — It’s a Scam

If you use the iTunes store to purchase apps, you will want to be aware of the latest scam.

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Microsoft Nukes Gadgets including Clock and Calendar

SECURITY ALERT!! Microsoft is warning that you must disable your clock and other gadgets immediately. Details follow.

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No Internet Connection — Check for the DNSChanger Virus

One of the latest pieces of malware that you need to be aware of is called DNSChanger  and the circumstances surrounding it are completely different from any other virus attack. The DNSChanger virus can cause you to lose your Internet connection without any other symptoms.

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