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iPhone Took Only 3 Days with No Waiting in Line

Last Friday afternoon, I placed my order for an iPhone at the local AT&T store. There was no line and ordering the phone took about 5 minutes. AT&T said the phone would be delivered in about 7 days. I was surprised to get an email yesterday (Tuesday) saying that the iPhone had been delivered to the store. All I had to do was to come in to have it activated and take it home. So my iPhone took only two working days…. outstanding!

I went in to pick up the phone today. There were no lines and activation took only about 20 minutes. The nice folks at AT&T even gave me a personalized tour of the phone’s features.

In case you are interested, there are still no iPhones in stock at any of the stores that I checked. You can order one the way I did. But now they are now saying that it will take 7-21 days for delivery.

My shiny white iPhone is beautiful! Now to have fun checking out all the features. I’ll give you the pros and cons as soon as I can.

BTW Read the OakInnovations Blog for an interesting, detailed explanation of why Apple will not introduce a white iPhone….They just did!

The iPhone Phenomenon

The 2nd generation iPhone went on sale today. There were long lines in all the big cities, but how about the smaller towns? Well, the answer amazed me. Here in the middle of North Carolina, we don’t have an Apple store, but we do have an AT&T store in nearby Aberdeen, NC. I went by this morning just before they opened at 8 am. The line wrapped around all four sides of the large building.

AT&T Store in Aberdeen, NC
AT&T Store in Aberdeen, NC

The amazing part is that the new iPhone’s big draw is that you can get higher data speeds on the AT&T 3G network, but the AT&T 3G network is not yet available in our area of North Carolina. The closest AT&T 3G network is in Fayetteville, which is 45 minutes away.

Just goes to show you that the lure of a new gadget at a good price is irresistible to gadget mavens everywhere. Also shows that the number of those infected with the gadgetitis is increasing everyday.

UPDATE: Our local AT&T store ran out of iPhones before 1pm. However, they then started taking what they called “auto-fufillments”, so you could go in and purchase an iPhone for delivery in the very near future. They are telling customers that the iPhone will be delivered to the store in 7 days.

Although Apple and AT&T had many technical difficulties getting the iPhones they sold the fist day activated, the way they controlled the number of iPhones was an artificial, but smart move ………Make enough iPhones for everyone, yet limit the sales on the first day to add to the buzz and lower the traffic on the activation process. Then get the rest of the people their iPhones quickly enough to get their money in the Apple & AT&T bank accounts. It’s pretty ingenious!

Otterbox Waterproof Treasure Chest

Otterbox makes cases for iPod, iPhones, BlackBerrys, and other digital equipment. Their defender series is perfect for protecting your equipment in everyday use. I use the Pink Defender Case on my iPod nano.

Otterbox also has a line of waterproof gadget cases called Armor, that offer additional protection. The Armor cases are device-specific. They are sturdier and waterproof up to about 3 ‘.

Safe Haven for Gadgets
Safe Haven for Gadgets

The sturdiest of all is the Otterbox line of waterproof and crushproof cases that can be used for several devices. The OtterBox 3250 is large enough to hold a GPS, cell phone, PDS, music player, wallet, sunglasses and jewelry. Once you see the quality and thickness of the Otterbox 3250, you won’t dispute the fact that it is crushproof and airtight. It is also waterproof and can withstand submersions of up to 100 feet. The foam padding gives you extra protection. There is even small handle, strap, and padlock hole. This case is perfect for outdoorsmen and women, including those who love the water!

I have tried everything I could think of to test the Otterboxes. No matter how much weigh I have piled on, how far I dropped them, or how long I left them in water, they held up perfectly. So if you are looking for protection for your devices, Otterbox fits the bill.

Exterior Dimensions: 8.813″ x 5.175″ x 3.082″
Interior Dimensions: 7.587″ x 3.648″ x 2.226″
Retail Price: $25.49

Getting Rid of Your Landline

My husband and I recently came to the conclusion that we were crazy to be paying $40 a month for regular (landline) telephone service when we hardly ever use it because we have come to rely so heavily on our cell phones. To the twenty-somethings, this is no big deal. But to those of us in the older generation, getting rid of the telephone service that we have had all our lives is a major move.

Also, we have had the same landline telephone number for more than 15 years. What if some old friend wants to reach us? We didn’t want to give up our number.

Luckily we didn’t have to. You can now keep your landline number and move it to a cell phone — it’s called “porting” the number over. Unfortunately, the process was not as smooth as it should be.

First we made the arrangements with AT&T, our cell phone carrier. According to the AT&T agent, she would handle everything and within a few hours, the number would be moved to our cell phone. Ah! If only it were so. Several days later when it became apparent that the move was not made, I called AT&T again and I was told that the request had not been entered or at least had not been entered properly. I went through the entire scenario again. This time I was told that the move would take “a few” days.

Wanting to be sure that everything was handled properly the second time, I went over to the AT&T store. At the store they said everything had been done correctly and the number would be working properly within a few hours. No such luck!!

We went away for the weekend assuming that the number would be ported over while we were gone. We came back to a message from AT&T saying the the completion of the porting would not happen until July 10th — a full two weeks after we made the initial request. I hope that it will happen then, but there is certainly no guarantee.

AT&T says that Embarq (our local carrier) is sitting on the number for as long as they can… of course, the longer they keep the number the longer they can charge us for it! Embarq says this is not true, that AT&T is at fault. I think they are both at fault. Embarq certainly could have released the number sooner. Why should it take so long? It is also apparent that no one at AT&T knows how this works or knows how long it should take. I got contradictory information from each of the 4 agents I talked to at AT&T.

The idea of being able to keep my old telephone number is a good one. Now if only the landline folks were forced to perform more quickly and the cellular folks would train their employees properly, it could be a good experience.

It’s not over yet. Oh, Oh! Maybe I shouldn’t have written this so soon. If someone from Embarq reads this, they may sit on my number even longer! I’ll let you know.


Pink Otterbox Defender Case Review

After I bought my new iPod Nano, I was immediately faced with a problem. I use the Nano primarily for listening to music and podcasts in the car. This year, here in North Carolina, we hit triple digit heat very early. I didn’t want to leave my Nano in the hot car all day, yet I also didn’t want to get it scratched and damaged by throwing it in my pocket, purse, or briefcase.

My Nano - Pink & Protected
My Nano - Pink & Protected

The solution came in a special “Defender” case for the Nano by Otterbox. I have used Otterbox cases before. They are known for their protective cases. Their Armor cases are the toughest you’ve ever seen. They are waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof…but they are not necessarily pretty. This new Defender line is strong enough for everyday use and it is very attractive, as well.

This case also gave me several unexpected perks. When I bought my Nano, I wanted the pink Nano, but I bought the silver one because it was cheaper. As you can see from my picture, the Otterbox completely encompassed my Nano turning it into the pink gadget that I originally craved.

In addition the Otterbox company is donating 10% of the purchase price to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. This great group works at finding a cure for breast cancer as well as helping breast cancer patients get access to the care they need. So I get to help the fight against breast cancer while enjoying the protection that my Otterbox offers.

And that protection is considerable. The Defender case is not waterproof, but it will completely protect your Nano from everyday bumps and bruises. It offers 3 layers of protection. There is a clear polycarbonate sheet with a coating that offers chemical and abrasion protection, a hard hi-impact polycarbonate skeleton, and a softer premium grade silicone skin for added protection against drops, bumps and shocks. The second and third layers are slightly different shades of pink giving the Nano a two-tone look. This case also comes in black and clear or all clear which allows the color of the Nano to peak through.
The scroll wheel is completely protected, but the thin covering makes it fully useable. In fact, I found that the scroll wheel is actually easier to use when the Nano is in this case. It constrains your finger to the area of the scroll wheel that is workable. All the ports are fully functional right through the case. Each port has its own cover, so the case offers more protection than some that leave the bottom of the Nano unprotected for accessibility.

The cancer awareness motto “Pink is strength” is reflected in the Otterbox Nano Defender. There is also a pink Defender available for the iPhone. What’s better than getting a great Nano or iPhone case and supporting a good cause at the same time?

Dimensions: 3.1″ x 2.4″ x .5″
Weight (case only): .96 oz.
Retail Price: $29.95

iPhone 2nd Generation – Time to Buy??

Last year when the iPhone first appeared, I suggested waiting for the next generation of the iPhone in which Apple would shake out the bugs and add more features. Well, that time has come. The new Apple iPhone is definitely appealing.

Apple's iPhone
Apple's iPhone

The pluses are many:
1. With support for 3G networks, the new iPhone will be much faster than the old one.
2. Apple has slashed the price. The 4GB model will now sell for $199 and the 8GB model for $299.
3. GPS satellite location is built into the new iPhone
4. Apple has opened the phone for new applications. Games, location services,support for enterprise features, and plenty of cool software will be available.
5. This iPhone has improved battery life.

There is only one con, but it may very important for some:
1. AT&T has upped the minimum monthly data charge, which you need for the iPhone to work, from $20 to $30.

One other problem for me and for at least some others, is that AT&T hasn’t yet initiated a 3G network in my area. That means I would be paying that extra monthly fee for faster access that I could only use when I travel.

I want to buy the new iPhone, but many other companies will be introducing new “iClone” models of their own. So I feel obliged to check them out before I fork over my $$$. Feel free to post your comments. I’d love to know what others are thinking.

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