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Technology Trends for 2015 from CES

Every year at CES, which many know as the Consumer Electronics Show, thousands of new products are exhibited and major trends start to appear. This year was no different. Here are just a few of the trends that you can expect to see affecting your life soon.

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High-tech Bra Senses Stress

microsoft bra
microsoft bra
Microsoft has developed a bra to help women stop overeating. Women from all over the world are tweeting about this story. There are many different opinions about this.  Here’s my take it. Please feel free to add your comments.

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Angry Birds with Friends

abf feature image
abf feature image

The popularity of Angry Birds combined with the draw of games like Words with Friends that allow you to pit your game play against your friends, have brought us a new game called Angry Birds Friends. The most amazing thing is that this version is free for owners of both Apple and Android mobile devices. If you like Angry Birds and you are the competitive type, this may be the game for you!

If you aren’t familar with Angry Birds, check it out. If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, you can even try Angry Birds on your PC.

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Android link:

HAPIfork – A High-Tech Fork to Monitor your Eating

Did you mother ever tell you to slow down and chew your food? Well, it turns out she was right, eating too fast leads to poor digestion and poor weight control. The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that will help you slow down your eating. It has a light that alerts you when you are eating too fast. It also measures how long it took to eat your meal, the amount of fork servings taken per minute and the intervals between fork servings. The HAPIfork will come in five colors and is expected to be available later in 2013. Will you be first in line to buy one?

Sleep Like a Baby

Vemma PM

I never had trouble sleeping until last year. I guess that’s when going in twenty different directions at the same time finally caught up with me. My doctor recommended a prescription sleep aid, but after watching drug commercials on TV, I knew I didn’t want to take a drug that had potential side effects….and they all have potential side effects.

When I started to read about sleep problems, I found that more than half of all adults have problems sleeping at least a few nights each week and almost 1/3 have trouble sleeping every night. WOW. I was not alone.

I searched for a sleep aid that was natural and effective. Now, after a year, I have finally found one. The Vemma liquid vitamins that I take came out with a product called Vemma PM. It comes in small bottles, you just drink one each night before bed. Because it is a liquid, it works very quickly.

Vemma PM has a full range of vitamins and antioxidants along with natural sleep aids. The best thing about Vemma PM is that it not only helps you sleep, but also let’s you awake refreshed. I had no groggy feeling in the morning at all. In fact I woke up feeling very good. BYW my husband noticed that immediately! (Not that I am ever cranky in the morning!!)

If you have trouble sleeping at night and are taking Ambien or some other drug, you will want to give Vemma PM a try. It is not sold in stores, but you can order at My Vemma Website. If you want to call or email me with any questions, you will see my contact info on that site on the right side. When you click on the “Order Today” button on the blue Vemma PM picture on the left, you will be taken to the Vemma PM page.  Before you complete the order you will be give much more information on Vemma PM including ingredients, etc. And you always have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pleasant dreams to all.

Move the Cursor with Your Brain

Just had the opportunity to interview Peter Freer, President of Freer Logic. What an amazing project he is involved with! His company has developed an arm (or leg) band that can monitor brain wave activity. It can measure things like focus, anxiety, and relaxation. It can tell an athlete when he or she is “in the zone”. Imagine what that could do for your golf game!

Freer has developed computerized training scenarios which can help a child or adult learn to focus as well as to control anxiety. In these scenarios, you can actually move the cursor on the screen with your brain waves. It sounds completely futuristic, but it is here NOW. Peter is already working with school age children as well as with Olympic sports teams.

This has a wide range of applications. Kids with ADD could use it to train their brains to focus. It could be a great help to air traffic controllers, firefighters, and others who have to perform under stressful conditions. It could even be used by everyday people who just need to relax.

I’ve used a computerized bio-feedback mechanism called WildDivine, which is a great relaxation program. It measures galvanic skin responses to help you relax. Peter’s technology, however, takes it a step further by actually looking at real brain wave activity.

Check out Peter’s video for more information. It’s at

Also, be sure to listen to my podcast interview with Peter Freer. You don’t need an iPod, you can listen right on your computer!

Favorite Tea — Discontinued

Just heard that Pacific Sunrise, my favorite Teavana tea is being discontinued. Pacific Sunrise has a crisp coconut, tart pineapple and slightly sweet floral taste always reminds me of Hawaii. And it is a Rooibos (Red) tea that help with my Rosacea. I am sorry to see it go.

The good news is that I was able to stock up on it at 30% off. The other good news is that this means that Teavana will have new teas in the next month or so.

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