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Move the Cursor with Your Brain

Just had the opportunity to interview Peter Freer, President of Freer Logic. What an amazing project he is involved with! His company has developed an arm (or leg) band that can monitor brain wave activity. It can measure things like focus, anxiety, and relaxation. It can tell an athlete when he or she is “in the zone”. Imagine what that could do for your golf game!

Freer has developed computerized training scenarios which can help a child or adult learn to focus as well as to control anxiety. In these scenarios, you can actually move the cursor on the screen with your brain waves. It sounds completely futuristic, but it is here NOW. Peter is already working with school age children as well as with Olympic sports teams.

This has a wide range of applications. Kids with ADD could use it to train their brains to focus. It could be a great help to air traffic controllers, firefighters, and others who have to perform under stressful conditions. It could even be used by everyday people who just need to relax.

I’ve used a computerized bio-feedback mechanism called WildDivine, which is a great relaxation program. It measures galvanic skin responses to help you relax. Peter’s technology, however, takes it a step further by actually looking at real brain wave activity.

Check out Peter’s video for more information. It’s at

Also, be sure to listen to my podcast interview with Peter Freer. You don’t need an iPod, you can listen right on your computer!

Cognitive Skills for the Future

I just read Betsy Hill’s BrainWare Bulletin. in which she quoted Dr. Patricia Wolfe, a new member of their advisory board. To paraphrase, Dr. Wolfe said that the world of technology and the world in general, is moving so fast that what we teach kids from textbooks today will be outdated before they can use it. To her this means that the best thing we can do for our kids is to teach them enduring knowledge rather than facts. If we teach them cognitive skills they will be able to solve future problems, no matter what they are.

I think she is right….let’s train our children s brains. And while we are at it, let’s train our own brains. I am still using BrainWare Safari and it is also the perfect software program for children and grandchildren because it teaches cognitive skills and a gamut of other brain skills.

If you are interested in learning more about BrainWare Safari, remember to jump to click on this link to the BrainWare website. Compu-KISS visitors who enter the code SBC291, will get a $200 discount, making the $349 program only $149.

Still Exercising My Brain

Although I haven’t been writing about it lately, I’m still exercising my brain with BrainWare Safari. I am still making progress and think that my time is well spent. I also want to thank those of you who have joined me in the quest for brain fitness and I urge you to comment on this blog.

Remember that BrainWare Safari is offering a fantastic discount for Compu-KISS visitors!! If you click on this link to the BrainWare website, and enter the code SBC291, you will get a $200 discount, making the $349 program only $149.

Brain Fitness Challenge

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am using the BrainWare Safari program to see if it truly makes a difference is my everyday mental performance. This is a program that you install on your PC and “play” a few times a week. With this program, you will be challenged, but in a gentle way — to exercise your brain. The program has a child-like interface, but it is not just for kids. It was created by experts to develop cognitive skills, memory, and other brain functionality. I am finding it a real challenge.

If any of you have looked, you will see that BrainWare Safari, like most of the professionally produced, scientifically proven training programs, is expensive. The retail price is $349 for a single user.

I wanted to invite you all to join me in my quest for brain fitness, so I went to the company and asked if they could provide a discount for my web visitors. They complied with a fantastic discount!! If you click on this link to the BrainWare website, and enter the code SBC291, you will get a $200 discount, making the $349 program only $149.

You won’t see the discounted price until you apply the coupon code, but don’t worry, it will appear when you enter the code. So just Click on “Order Now”, then add the program to your cart at the $349 price. Then put SBC291 into the Promotion & Gift Certificate Codes box and click on “update”. You will see the discount appear before you complete the order.

Thanks to the folks at Learning Enhancement Corp for giving us this great opportunity. I invite you all to join me in my efforts. You can work along with me and post your comments here on my blog.

The program’s creators are so confident that your brain will be better off with this program that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you’ve got nothing to lose. Join me in my quest. Let’s all keep our minds young and vibrant!!

Time for Serious Brain Work

Okay, I’ve been trying out the BrainWare Safari software, but I really haven’t been too serious about it. Then yesterday, it took me four hours to think of the name of a restaurant that I go by at least twice a week. That was more than a senior moment! So I decided that it was time to get serious about getting my brain in tip-top shape.

The BrainWare people recommend using the program 3-5 times a week for 45 to 60 minutes at a time. So today I spent about 45 minutes with the program. I actually found one program called Sky Scanning that I thought was easy. It required matching what you hear with what you see. Thank goodness I am still good at something! I then moved on to Tree Tic Tac Toe which was harder than I expected. All of the exercises are different and I am finding that spending about 10 to 12 minutes on each gives you the feeling that you are cross-training your brain. All-in-all I feel like I put in a good days brain exercise and it really made me feel good!

My Brain is Mush

It’s amazing to realize that although you are functioning in your everyday life, your brain is not performing at peak performance. Playing the BrainWare Safari game has made me realize that my brain is badly in need of the tune up that this “game” is providing.

Web Weaving Exercise
Web Weaving Exercise

Web Weaving Exercise

Today I played Web Weaving. A simple little exercise that helps you remember what you saw. You are shown a set of lines on the screen. Then they disappear and you must recreate them. The challenge come in because you have to click to the beat that you are given five times before you start to draw the lines. This takes your mind off the lines for a minute before you must recreate them. You would think that this is easy, but it can be a real challenge.

I work with computers everyday and spend about half of my time solving computer problems that others can’t handle, ao my brain sould be well-exercised. Yet I am finding that it really needs more. The BrainWare exercises are geared toward giving your brain the type of workout it needs. I am quickly finding that exercising your brain is much like exercising your body….you have to work at it.

The BrainWare Safari

The BrainWare Safari is just that — a safari. It is based on a trip through the jungle. Once you complete the easy installation, you are presented with a screen of the entire jungle. You are urged to go to the Safari corral where you choose an animal to guide you through your journey. The jungle animal grows with you as you progress through the exercises. I chose Jackie Jaguar. He appears when you reach certain goals and ages as you grow in brain strength. Jackie first appeared in a diaper with a baby bottle.I found this a little hokey, but I was willing to go along if it could help get my brain in shape.

So I went on to the first exercise. I chose Ancient Logic & Reasoning. Most of the exercises had you recognize a pattern and fill in missing information or choose what didn’t belong. It was reminiscent of something that I had done in school. In my first tries, I got a few, but for the most part I failed miserably. This seemed easy, but it wasn’t for me. In fact, I am beginning to be glad that I started this brain training because it looks like I really need it!!

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