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CES Struck Me with Awe – the Quantum Computer

At CES 2018 I saw a computer that put me awe. Here is Intel’s 50 Qubit Quantum Computer:

Intel Quantum Computer CES 2018
Intel Quantum Computer CES 2018

In regular computers a chip (bit) is either on or off (1 or 0) giving us a way to produce computations. Quantum chips, called qubits, can be 0, 1 or both at the same time. This is because of a complicated sub-set of physics called quantum mechanics. Don’t worry if you don’t understand. Even Einstein declared quantum mechanics to be “spooky.”

So just realize that harnessing the power of qubits will allow us to solve computational problems that traditional computers cannot handle, like predicting the weather accurately. Quantum computing is the FUTURE.

Qubits are tremendously fragile. Any radio frequency noise or unintended observation of them can cause data loss. So these types of computers must operate at a temperature of approximately 20 millikelvin—or 250 times colder than deep space.

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Windows 10 Sandy’s Preview

Are you ready for a new operating system? What if it were free and better than the previous operating systems? Well, that what we will get with Windows 10.

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Find April Fool’s Jokes

If you feel a little mischievous this is a great time of year. Check out this website for ideas for quick and easy April Fools Jokes that will make both you and your recipient smile.

April Fools Jokes

Multi-functional LED Light Bulbs

If you have recently shopped for a light bulb, you have probably been surprised by the number of choices. We will see many more new light bulbs in the future. Look for bulbs that change color and can be controlled by a smart phones like the Philips Hue line. But wait, there’s even more.

Would you like to have a light bulb that acts as a Wi-Fi repeater or one that plays music? Sengled even has a lightbulb that has an integrated camera, microphone, and speaker.  Two bulbs can produce stereo sound. Available now: $49.99 to $169.99 at the Sengled website.

TV Programming a La Carte

If you are sick of paying for 300 channels of television when you only watch five or ten channels, this is for you Dish Network announced a new way to get TV service. They are calling it Sling TV.  For $20 a month you can get ESPN, ESPN2, Disney Channel, ABC Family, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, TNT, CNN, TBS, and Cartoon Network. Other channels will be available as add-ons. The service is streamed through selected TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox One, and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You can purchase one of these for as little as $35. No cable box, no satellite. Get just what you want. It is available now in selected markets.

My prediction is that this poised to change the way we watch TV.

Technology Trends for 2015 from CES

Every year at CES, which many know as the Consumer Electronics Show, thousands of new products are exhibited and major trends start to appear. This year was no different. Here are just a few of the trends that you can expect to see affecting your life soon.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you use Amazon Prime and like to watch TV, this little beauty is what you need. The Fire TV Stick is a small device about the size of your thumb. It plugs into the HDMI port

Fire TV Stick
Fire TV Stick
on your HD TV. When you change the input on your TV to the proper setting, you get a crisp, clear, and colorful interface. If you purchase the device from Amazon and you are a Prime member, it will come pre-configured with your information so all you have to do is enter the name and password of your wireless network.

The Fire Stick comes with a remote that you can use to control it. If you have a smart phone or tablet you can download an app and use your portable device as a remote control. Doing that gives you the ability to use voice search for the Fire Stick.

Amazon also has a $99 Fire TV. This gives you a little more power for playing games and a port that you can use if you want to hook it up to your home theater. The $39 Fire TV stick, however, is perfect for the average user.

It works seamlessly with Amazon Prime, but also works for Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and other streaming movie services. At $39 it makes streaming movies easy.

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