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Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display is the first Google Home Device with a screen. The screen offers additional capabilities that are truly amazing for a voice assistant. I reviewed the Lenovo Smart Display comes in two sizes 8″ and 10″. I reviewed the 10″ device and was pleasantly surprised. At 6.8 x 12 inches, it is quite large, but the beautiful display is worth the desktop or countertop space. The unit comes only in white with a curved bamboo back. It might fit anywhere in the home, but is perfect for the kitchen.

So I tried it out in the kitchen first. Adding the screen makes it a perfect kitchen companion. You can ask the device to find you a recipe from one of its many cooking partners or you can send a recipe to the device from your phone or tablet. Then you can use your voice to control everything in the recipe from ingredients to cooking directions.

When you ask the Display a question, it answers verbally as well as with on-screen text which is a perfect combination. You can see lyrics of songs as well as pictures of animals, places, and just about anything else. Music is not exceptional, but sounds quite good.

When I moved the Smart Display to  the living room, it continued to be very useful, but also became a digital picture frame. It displayed any of my Google Photo albums like a wonderful slide show. We constantly use it to display You Tube videos. A few months ago, when I first got the Smart Display, it could play music, but could not be put in a group to play with other Google Home speakers. A recent update changed all that and it has now become part of my whole-house music selections.

The 10″ Lenovo Smart Display retaing at $249, but holiday sales and a big discount at the Lenovo website will bring that price down considerably.

My take: I love it! Only wish that it could save my recipes and display them again when needed. Of course, that is probably in the future.


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