Amazon Tech Support

Today I called Amazon tech support for the first time and I was very pleasantly surprised at having a great experience. Read about it here:

I had a problem with my new Fire HD. Went to the Amazon site and clicked on “Help”. Then clicked on “Kindle”. I was presented with a large button that said “Kindle Customer Service.” Nothing to search for contact information. The Customer Service button in plain sight. Amazing.

When on click on that button I was given the choice of contacting them by email, chat, or telephone. I chose telephone and clicked on the link that said, “Call Me Now.” Within minutes I was talking to a clear and precise English speaking representative. She was polite and easy-to-talk-to. She¬†apologized¬†to me because since the Fire HD was so new, she felt the call took longer than she would have liked. However, I was thrilled. Within 10 minutes my problem was solved and I was happy working on my Fire again.

Thanks Amazon. I hope you all have similar good experiences. Let me know by adding your comments below.

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