How to Get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

On August 2, Microsoft released a pretty big overhaul of Windows 10 which they call the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. It’s a big update, but you don’t have to fret. Windows 10 will still look and act pretty much the same as it did before the upgrade, this new version will bring minor tweaks to the operating system and several features upgrades. Here’s what you need to know.

The Anniversary Update, like all Windows 10 upgrades and updates is free. Microsoft is delivering this update to more than 350 million devices around the world, so it is being rolled out slowly, which means it won’t immediately be available to all users.

As I write this, a week after the launch, Microsoft seems to be a bit slow. Many are still be waiting for the upgrade to appear on their computer. If you have gotten the upgrade, you will probably know it because you will have answered installation prompts. If you aren’t sure, you can Press Windows key + R then type: winver, then hit Enter on your keyboard. Look at the OS version number. If it reads “1607”, you have the Anniversary Update installed. If you want to be able to tell by your screen, just press the Windows key on your keyboard or click on the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen. The old version Start Screen that pops up will have your name at the top of the window and will say “All Apps” at the bottom. The new version will have three bold lines at the top of the window and at the bottom you see an alphabetized list of apps and programs instead of the “All Apps” selection

Want to hurry your installation. Go to the Settings, then choose Update & Security, the Update. You can then click on Check for Updates. If that doesn’t show any new updates, just click on Learn More and you will be presented with a page where you can download and install the Anniversary Update.

Hope you enjoy it!

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