The Winbot Window Cleaning Robot

I am waiting for Rosie the robotic maid from the Jetsons to come in and clean my home. So far the only popular cleaning robots are the floor vacuum and cleaners. I was hoping that Ecovac’s Winbot 8 window cleaning robot, but I’m afraid that it is not quite ready for use in my home.

It is nice that the Winbot has a long cord and a safety cable, but in everyday use, this turns into a gaggle of wires.

The Winbot is actually easy to set up and fairly easy to use, but the directions are very lacking. The first thing that you must do is to charge the unit. Although this is covered in the instructions, it should be more prominent. Also it should be noted that the charge time can be lengthy. My unit took about 8 hours to charge. It should also be noted that the cleaning pad that you attach to the device should be attached in the correct direction because it can be installed in the wrong direction.

Although a little noisy the smart suction on the unit adheres to the window very well and a remote control can be used to start it. Actually, the cleaning is quite good. If you follow the directions carefully there is practically no streaking. The unit comes with a tether, which is also good.

Like robotic vacuum cleaners, the Winbot moves in its own pattern to cover the window. It is actually amazing to see it glide across the window and turn itself to follow the pattern. I received a lot of “WOWS” from onlookers.

Now for the bad news. The Winbot got caught on all the window latches in my home. It also stopped working quite a few times displaying a red light. It was smart enough to remain adhered to the window, but in this case, you are expected to press the reset button and guide the unit around the area where it stopped.

In it nice that they provided a long power cable, but the cable itself can be a problem. Not only do you have to move the unit from pane to pane and window to window, but you also have to drag the cord. When working outside, I always needed an extension cord to reach one of the few outside outlets.

The WinBot is a great idea and may be very useful for large or hard-to-reach windows, but if you have an average home like mine. I have 39 panes of glass in my home. Charging the Winbot, spraying it, and moving it from pane to pane did not make it worth the $349 investment.

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