Why Microsoft Needs Us to Update to Windows 10

Have you ever wondered why Microsoft is trying so hard to get users to move to Windows 10? Here’s part of the answer.

This week Microsoft announced that they currently have over 300 million active Windows 10 devices. Their push to Windows 10 has included the free upgrade offer and even some underhanded methodology. I am appalled by Microsoft’s moves in this matter and I wondered why Windows 10 is so important to Microsoft.

Then it dawned on me. Microsoft needs Windows 10 to succeed. There is no other option for them. They have already stated that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows so there is no going back to making a lot of money by charging for Windows operating systems, as they have in the past.

Microsoft is promoting Window 10 as a service and that service is pushing uses to other services such as their ad-supported Bing search engine, their OneDrive storage which makes money from ads and premium features like additional storage, and extras from Skype.

Microsoft also needs to convince programmers that they have a big audience for windows 10 software apps, which Microsoft can use as another money maker. If the majority of Windows users are on Windows 10 those developers can create their apps without worrying about abandoning too many users on older devices.

Oh and there is one more thing that not too many people realize. Microsoft has invested tons of money into their augmented reality HoloLens system. To get a little taste of what the HoloLens will do for the average person, check out this YouTube video on gardening with HoloLens. It’s a real eye-opener.

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