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The Winbot Window Cleaning Robot

I am waiting for Rosie the robotic maid from the Jetsons to come in and clean my home. So far the only popular cleaning robots are the floor vacuum and cleaners. I was hoping that Ecovac’s Winbot 8 window cleaning robot, but I’m afraid that it is not quite ready for use in my home.

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The Future — for Windows 10 & for Us

Microsoft is planning an exceptional future for Windows 10 which will no doubt creep into our future, as well. I’ll give you a clue…. It has to do with a new Mixed Reality.  Get a glimpse of the future here.

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Why Microsoft Needs Us to Update to Windows 10

Have you ever wondered why Microsoft is trying so hard to get users to move to Windows 10? Here’s part of the answer.

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Microsoft Tricks Users into Upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft is trying so hard to get users to upgrade to Windows 10 that they have resorted to TRICKING users into upgrading.

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