Technology Trends for 2015 from CES

Every year at CES, which many know as the Consumer Electronics Show, thousands of new products are exhibited and major trends start to appear. This year was no different. Here are just a few of the trends that you can expect to see affecting your life soon.

Connected Home

We now have the knowledge to connect just about everything to the Internet and we saw a wide variety of ways to do that. While I personally, might not be ready to put Internet-connected door locks (Kwikset, Schlage, and others) on my home, I would love to have some of Lowes’ Iris home connectivity devices, especially the one that turns the water off when a leak is detected. I personally am not much interested in an Internet-connected toothbrush(Kolibree), but I think it is a great tool for teaching kids to brush their teeth properly. I loved the TempTraq band-aid for babies and children that monitors their temperature and sends it to your cell phone. I was also pretty impressed with the light bulbs that play stereo music (Sengled).

Wearable Tech & Health

Watches, pins, and wristbands that count your steps, and monitor your sleep were everywhere at CES this year. Many of these devices even coach you to achieve your goals.Expect to see more and more of this technology this year.


There were over a hundred different types of Drones. Everyone is looking for uses for these flying wonders that fit into our everyday world.

3-D Printing

They continue to find uses and new materials that can be used with these printers. Specialized filaments let you print in materials that look and feel like bamboo, copper, and brass. Whether you want to print a shower head or a cup for your tea, you can do it with a 3-D printer.

4K Ultra TVs

Do you really need a TV that gives you more resolution and better color than your current HDTV? No, you probably don’t need one, but when you see them you will want one. Even though prices have already plummeted, standards are still being set and there are several competing technologies, so you may want to hold off until much later in the year before you take the plunge.

Automated Vehicles

Cars were everywhere at CES this year. They have plenty of connectivity and helpful additions like parking assist. The Volkswagen Golf Touch has three display screens that you can control by moving your hand in the air. It can also park itself right on its charging pad and it’s available now for about $35,000.

This year more of the devices we saw at the show were already available or will be on the market soon. So expect the electronic stores to be filled to the brim with new devices in the next year.

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