Microsoft’s Cortana — the Siri Competitor

This week Microsoft entered the “intelligent personal assistant” market with their Siri competitor. She is called Cortana. Now the first thing I must complain about is her name. Microsoft has never excelled at naming things. Remember Windows XP (for eXPerience) and Windows Vista? There are still people trying to figure out the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express and Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. Yes, I understand that Cortana is named for the AI (artificial Intelligent) character in the Halo games, but I am not a big gamer. Oh well, not everything is contained in the name. So was that Contata, Contora, Consata, or Cortena?

Well whatever you call her, Microsoft’s new personal assistant is purported to be even more capable than Apple’s Siri. First looks show that she is very capable. Her voice is slightly softer and initial reactions say she is a little more advanced than Siri. I can’t wait to get to know her a little better.

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