iLuv MobiCup-Convenient with Great Sound


Have you ever wanted to listen to good music at the swimming pool? On your boat? When taking the baby for a walk? Well this little device make that possible. It is unassuming, but produces very good sound that you can play from your cell phone.

The casing made completely of rubberized plastic. It is quite unassuming in black, white, blue, or red. Yet, it produces good sound. The MobiCup is a speaker that connects to your cell phone through Bluetooth to play music wirelessly. The really unique thing about it is that it fits in a cup holder like those found in cars, on baby strollers, and lawnchairs.

While it is not submersable, the plastic case is water-resistant, so it is also useful in areas where it might be splashed with water. The unit has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts about 8 hours. There is a small flap on the side, near the top which houses the micro-USB port and an auxiliary input port for a direct connection to other audio devices. There is also an on-off switch and a microphone port in that location. The other controls are on the top. They are etched into the plastic and are easy to find and to use.

I recently used it for a small party on the patio and everyone there marveled at the sound that came out of this speaker. It sounds amazingly good.

The retail price of $79.99 is a bit on the expensive side. Before you buy, look around for a better price. When I wrote this, Amazon had the MobiCut at $36.42.





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