Chromecast – Small Device Holds the Future of TV

Chromecast is a very small device that turns your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac into a streaming deviceThis is a little device we should all pay attention to because it gives us a glimpse of the future of television.

It looks like an overweight USB drive. Just plug it into the HDMI port on your television. Plug the attached USB cable into a USB port on the television or plug it into the included wall plug, which of course, plugs into the wall. Then change the input on your TV to the proper HDMI port and download a small app on your handheld device. That’s all! The Chromecast will find your wireless network and automatically set everything up. It will ask you to input a code. Once that’s done you are ready to stream video from your handheld device to your TV wirelessly. Your handheld device acts as your remote control, which is much more useable than trying to deal with inputing information on the television with a remote control.

Right now you can stream movies from Netflix, Google Play, and YouTube. Many more sources are expected to be available soon.

Get ready folks. This is the future of TV. This is what cable companies have feared. Once the Chromcast has enough programming, it will be strong competition for the way we currently do televsion delivery.

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