Windows 8.1 Preview is Here

Microsoft is in the process of improving Windows 8 and making it easier to use. I was able to recently take a look at Windows 8.1 (also called Blue). This was a Preview version so it is a work in progress. As such, it took me about four days to get it to install. So I don’t advise anyone to try it right now unless they have a spare computer and plenty of time.

When I finally got it to work, I was so frustrated that I just knew I wouldn’t like the update, but I was wrong. I actually liked it. Windows 8.1 has a lot of great new features and enhancements.

Microsoft has finally given us a Start button. It is not like the one that we are used to, but it is quite workable. They have added an easier way to shut down the computer and thankfully, have also added a way to boot directly to the Desktop. They have improved the Search Charm, added an easy way to change more of the Settings of the computer.

Everyone will love the fact that you can now group tiles easily and change the size of tiles. Microsoft has even added new apps like Health & Fitness and Food & Drink. These are both pretty dramatic. Food & Drink even has a way to turn the page without touching the screen just like they did in Minority Report. There are also many new features in the camera app and the Xbox music app has been revamped. Microsoft has even promised a new email app for the final release.

Windows 8.1 will be free to Windows 8 users and will be available sometime this fall. So there is a lot more news about this release coming in the next few months.

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