No More Boxed Software for Adobe

Adobe has announced that it will no longer sell its popular Creative Suite of products, which includes Photoshop, in a boxed version.

Their new business model will be cloud-base subscriptions only. Photoshop will no longer reside on your computer. You will access it in the cloud while connected to the Internet.

While Microsoft and others have moved to the cloud, most companies have retained digital downloads that can still be installed on your computer.

This move by Adobe is an obvious attempt to thwart pirating of software. I can tell you that as a Photoshop user, I will not be making the move to the cloud-based subscription. Adobe is taking a chance with this new business model. Yet, if people buy into it and other companies follow suit, it may be only a matter of time before in-the-cloud computing is a necessity for everything and everyone. Only time will tell.

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