Cheap Lightning Adapter Does the Job

You don’t always have to pay a lot for cables and adapters. Here’s my story of how I saved some big bucks.

When Apple changed the iPhones and iPads to the new lightning ports, they really got my ire up. I actually like the new smaller ports and the fact that you can insert the end in either direction. I also love the way it clicks slightly so you know when it is properly seated. What upset me is that Apple is charging $29 for an adapter that lets you use the newer iPhones and iPads with older devices that use Apple’s old standard 30-pin port.

So if you purchased a new iPhone, but have spent money on speakers, car adapters, or other devices, you now have to either purchase one pricey adapter for each device or move one adapter from device to device. It seemed to me that they were penalizing their loyal users. They should be able to sell a device like that for under $10 and still make a profit. 

I was so adamant about this that I simply would not pay Apple the $29. Instead, when I needed an adapter for my car charger, I purchased a knock-off at Amazon for $5.80.

Although not as solid as Apple’s adapter, my $5 adapter works fine. I know it is not as durable as Apple’s adapter, so I won’t be moving it from device to device. Yet, for my one device, it is perfect. So if you opt for one of the cheaper adapters, as long as you realize that it may not be the best quality, it may be all you need.

I love Apple’s products, but Apple please take note — some of us are tired of your making a big profit on everything you sell!



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