iPhone 5 Review

The iPhone 5 doesn’t disappoint. It has plenty going for it.

This phone has a beautiful design. It has an extremely sturdy build, while being small, light, and thin. The 4” screen is taller than previous iPhones and gives more screen space. It fits well in the hand and has the best camera I’ve seen in a phone. The camera has HDR photography and Panorama photos built-in.

The iPhone 5’s A6 chip and built-in 4G LTE technology make it speedy for just about any function you want to perform. iPhones are noted for good performance and the iPhone 5 continues that tradition. Connectivity is very good. Call and speaker quality are both excellent. Opening apps and web surfing is speedy.

The iPhone 5 comes with new ear buds. Although they are still rigid plastic, they are shaped to fit better in the ear and have a truly amazing sound quality.

The new iPhone 5 connector is state-of-the-art. It is small and sturdy and can be inserted in either direction, but it is incompatible with the ports on older devices. Apple is charging $29 to $39 for an adapter the iPhone to make it work with older devices.

iCloud syncing and storage lets you access music and data in the cloud so you don’t need as much memory in the phone. (You can do the same with Android phones, but this has recently been added to the iPhone.)

As you may know, Apple has used its own mapping system in this new iPhone. Although it adds turn-by-turn instructions, most tests show that overall; it is simply not as accurate as the Google mapping system found in Android phones.

If you’ve seen the commercials, you’ve seen people interacting seamlessly with Siri, the Apple’s voice recognition and response software. The commercials are a bit too perfect. While Siri is useful for some tasks, for others she is totally unworkable. If you buy an iPhone 5 you will use Siri for some tasks and will, like me, be waiting for improvements from Apple.

You may have heard that the iPhone 5’s camera occasionally produces a purple haze when the light source is at a specific angle. In ten days of snapping pictures, I only found it in one picture, shown below.

The halo is from the ceiling light being at the edge of my photo. I, personally, feel quality of the camera outweighs this fault, as long as you are aware of it. It may be a deal-breaker for some users, but I think most will not be highly bothered by it.

The Bottom Line

The iPhone 5 is undoubtedly the best iPhone yet. Its wonderful new design, addition of 4G, enlargement of the screen, and new A6 chip make it a great device. Incremental improvements to Siri, the camera, and the operating system in general are very welcome.

Yet the competition is getting better and better. While Apple has amazed us in the past, there is now a lot of competition out there. This version was more than adequate but Apple engineers will have to work even harder to make future versions stand out in the crowded smartphone marketplace.



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