The Cost of Hope Book Review

While I usually review technology-related books, I couldn’t help telling everyone about this extraordinary book.

The Cost of Hope is aptly named story about the emotional and spiritual struggle that Amanda Bennett and her husband undergo in trying to overcome a deadly form of cancer. It also deftly deals with the financial costs.

This book, however, is much, much more than statistics and costs. It is a tender love story of couple whose constant verbal battles seemed to cement their relationship as they learn to live together. They also learn an important tenant of a good marriage: that the important thing is not to always agree, but to always understand where the other person is coming from.

The author also has a comprehensive understanding of how the human mind works. This gives her the ability to skillfully jump back and forth between different times, just as the human mind does. The flashbacks are expertly written so that the reader is always fully aware of the timeframe.

The financial cost of fighting the disease is investigated only after the death of Ms.  Bennett’s much-loved husband. That cost, however, is one that the author carefully scrutinizes. While the author is completely apolitical and doesn’t take sides with any health care proposals, she brings the current state of the cost of health care to the fore front.

Different hospital and organizations charge different amount for services like CAT scans. Yet, no one “shops around” for the best price of a CAT scan. While a patient might be charged the full price for an expensive drug or test, insurance companies never pay that full price. And different insurance companies pay different prices. On top of that because many different physicians are often involved in a patient’s care, unnecessary or duplicate tests and drugs are often ordered.

Whether you are insured or not, this book is great read for everyone .… except perhaps, those who believe themselves and their spouses to be immortal.

Anyone who has faced or is facing a lengthy battle with the illness of a loved one will find comfort in hearing they were not alone in the emotions they have had to deal with or the confusion they have faced about health care.

Amanda Benett is a Pulitzer Prize winner and this book highlights her talents as it combines the practical and the emotional in one well-written story.

Title: The Cost of Hope: A Memoir

Author: Amanda Bennett

Publisher: Random House; First Edition edition (June 5, 2012)

ISBN-10: 140006984X

ISBN-13: 978-1400069842

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