Microsoft Wants Yearly Fees for Office

Microsoft wants you to subscribe to Microsoft rather than own it. And the switch to the subscription model is happening now. The new Office 2013 will cost $99.95 per year or $8.33 a month. To sweeten the pot Microsoft is throwing in 20GB of SkyDrive storage and 60 Skype minutes. And the subscription will be good for use on five different computers, PCs or Macs.

I know it is the “way of the world”, but the last thing that I need is another monthly bill.

This may be good for businesses, but not many home users have five computers and not many want to buy into this new format. If you purchased Microsoft Office 2010, you could still be using it. In fact, you could use it for several years to come. So the price of the software, amortized over the length of time you use it will probably be less than $100 a year.

Here’s the rub. If you purchase a yearly subscription and you stop paying at the end of the year, the program disappears. What if that yearly bill comes in just when your daughter needs braces or gas prices go up again?

Yep. It’s beneficial for Microsoft, but bad for the consumer.

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