HP ENVY 114E All-in-One Printer

If you are looking for a beautiful printer, the HP ENVY is a great choice. It’s the best-looking printer I’ve ever seen. It’s  a sleek and svelte shiny black beauty with silver trim. Yet it is not just good-looking. It is also one of the sturdiest printers I’ve ever handled. It is made of thick black plastic and the silver trim is aluminum rather than plastic. At 16 lbs, it has enough heft to feel quite substantial, but it is still quite portable. At 16.8 x 13.25 x 4 in., it also has a relatively small footprint.

This is a printer that will look good in any room of the house.  The fact that it is extremely quiet and has wireless capabilities makes it possible to keep the ENVY in places that you might not consider putting any other printer.

The neatest feature of the ENVY is that there is no visible paper tray. The tray extends and retracts when needed to maintain the sleek style when not in use. Even the touch screen moves out of the way to make room for the paper tray. Of course, this means that the printer has additional mechanisms that could possible malfunction, but in my testing, it all worked perfectly.

Other great features are that the printer comes with a subscription to fax through the Web so you don’t have the hassle of a phone line fax. It works well as a copier and scanner.  It has duplex printing that saves on paper. The ENVY can accept hi-capacity ink cartridges that are more economical than the standard fare, but the color cartridge is a single tri-color cartridge meaning that you have to purchase a new cartridge when any of the three colors runs out.

The ENVY also comes with built-in AirPrint and HP ePrint, so you can easily print from your iPhone, iPad, or other portable device. This printer even has its own IP address so you can print from any Internet connected device to your home printer when you are on the road. All of this works seamlessly.

The print quality is very good and the printer even handles envelopes well. Pictures look great. It is, however, a printer to be used only for light everyday printing. The input tray holds 80 sheets and the output tray only 25 sheets. It doesn’t print legal paper and there is no document feeder. Although it worked well with paper up to 28 lb., the recommended weight is only 20 lbs. so you won’t be feeding in any heavy paper.

The ENVY is Energy Star Qualified and is also PCV-free, which is unusual. It consumes less that 1 watt of energy while in Off mode so if you are concerned with energy savings, it is a good choice.

The biggest drawback that I found is that depending on its position, the touch screen can move slightly when you press it, making you use both hands – one to stabilize it and one to touch the screen.

The HP ENVY is head and shoulders above your typical bulky, plastic printer as far as looks, performance, build quality, and features. However, its limitations, like the amount of paper it can hold and type of paper it prints on, means that it, quite simply, is not for everyone.

Manufacturer: HP ENVY 114 E
Retail Price: $249.99

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