Microsoft Nukes Gadgets including Clock and Calendar

SECURITY ALERT!! Microsoft is warning that you must disable your clock and other gadgets immediately. Details follow.

I really enjoy having a clock,  calendar, and the weather displayed on my computer desktop. I’ve had these and  several other gadgets on my desktop for years and I am quite fond of seeing  them every day. They have become constant companions. According to Microsoft,  however, we must all end our relationship with gadgets. Microsoft is recommending  that all users immediately disable the Windows Gadgets and the Windows Sidebar in which they reside.

A recently issued Microsoft security  advisory indicates that the Sidebar and Gadgets has vulnerabilities that can  allow hackers to access and, if the logged-in user has Administrative rights, completely  control a computer.

Microsoft’s announcement came after  an upcoming Black Hat security conference announced a presentation entitled “We  Have You by the Gadgets,” which will, no doubt, show the vulnerabilities in  gadgets. This presentation is scheduled for July 20, 2012, which explains why Microsoft is telling us to disable the Gadgets and Sidebar immediately.

Here’s the rub. Microsoft is not  even going to try to repair the problem. They simply advise you to remove the  gadgets. To their credit, they have provided an easy way to do this with a few clicks by using their automated Microsoft Fix-it. Just click on this Fix-it link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then choose the Mr. Fix-it Man that says “Disable Sidebar and Gadgets.” Agree to the download and follow the instructions. It only takes a few minutes.

Even though Microsoft made it easy to get rid of the gadgets, I am still a bit  peeved. They are ompletely taking away a feature that I paid for and that I  use every day. I would much rather see Microsoft solve the problem rather than  simply give up.

However, if you don’t want to give a hacker access to your computer,  it is best to disable the Sidebar & Gadgets as soon as possible.

I just nuked my gadgets!! Drats…. I know that the bad guys are out there making our lives difficult. I just wish that Microsoft  was fighting them on this!

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