Windows 8 Special Pricing Announced

Microsoft is offering some of the lowest upgrade prices ever for Windows 8. It will appear in October of this year. Here’s the scoop.

Recently Microsoft announced that it would sell an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for anyone who purchased a new PC with Windows 7 between June 2, 2012 and Jan. 31, 2013.

Now, Microsoft has also announced special pricing for those who want to upgrade their old computers. When Windows 8 is officially available, the special upgrade price for a downloaded version of Windows 8 Pro update will be $39.99. This price will be available until Jan. 3, 2013 and it can be used on PCs that are currently running XP, Vista or Windows 7. If you’re running an old PC though, don’t get too excited. It is likely that your XP hardware won’t support Windows 8.

This offer has several nice features.

  • The upgrade is to Windows 8 Pro, the highest level of Windows 8 and can be used no matter what prior version of Windows the computer is running.
  • Once you decide you want to upgrade, the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will check to make sure your PC is ready for Windows 8. A detailed compatibility report will be compiled for you advising you of any problems with your hardware or software. If you decide it wouldn’t be wise to upgrade, you can back out before you are charged for the upgrade.
  •  Windows Media Center will be available for free with this upgrade. Once Windows 8 is installed you will be able to use the “add features” option within Windows 8 to install it.

Windows 8 is expected sometime this fall. My bet is on October, but it could be earlier.

Three years ago, when Windows 7 came on the scene, a similar upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium was offered for $50. So Microsoft is pushing Windows 8 a little harder by lowering the price by $10 and by offering the Pro version for the upgrade.

Be aware that when this offer for Windows 7 expired, the retail price of Home Premium jumped to $119 and Windows 7 Professional retailed at $179. Assuming that Microsoft will follow this pattern, this update will be the best price that is ever available for a Windows 8 upgrade.

You can read Microsoft’s entire blog posting about this offer at their official blog.

You will be able to take advantage of the offer at the Microsoft Upgrade Website which will be fully functional after the release of Windows 8.


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