The Motorola Droid Razr — Thin & Ultra-Capable

I loved my original Motorola Razr phone. So when Verizon announced the new Motorola Droid Razr, I was anxious to take a look.

Droid Razr

The original Razr was unique because it was a thin flip phone with an easy-to-use numeric pad. I liked my original Razr so much that I went through three batteries before I finally let it go for a new model. The new Razr is a flat candy-bar type of smart phone. So I wondered what Motorola could do to make it different while still living up to the quality and ease-of-use of the original Razr phone.

When I saw the new Razr last week, I got my answer. The new Razr is really thin. When I put it next to an iPhone,  the iPhone looked twice as thick making the iPhone look surprisingly chunky and the Razr look extremely sleek. As I grabbed the new Razr, I wondered if that thinness would equate to flimsiness. All my concerns were immediately put to rest. The phone feels very solid in your hand. It has Gorilla Glass on the front and is reinforced with KEVLAR on the back. The 4.3″ Super AMOLED Advanced Display was also pretty impressive. Side-by-side, it actually looked more detailed and vivid than the Retina Display of the iPhone.

The Razr has plenty of extra accessories and features. The most impressive may be “Smart Actions” which let you program the phone to perform a certain task based on a certain time, location or both. Want to have your phone turn off automatically when you get to Sunday services? The Razr will do that and more. It is a 4G phone on Verizon’s LTE network which has just been ranked No. 1 in PC World’s 100 Best Products of 2011.

At $299 plus a two-year contract, the new Razr is not cheap, but it is impressive.

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