Inexpensive E-Reader and Tablet Just in Time for the Holidays

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Amazon’s big announcement today will bring several new and/or updated devices to market for the Christmas selling season at some remarkable prices.

The first two are perfect Christmas presents. The new base level Kindle with Special Offers will be smaller, lighter, faster, and cheaper. It has no keyboard, but the price will now be $79, down from $114. This is available now.

At $99, the new Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi will also make a great holiday present. The KindleTouch with 3G connectivity will be $149. Both are gray-scale e-ink with 6-inch touch screens. These will be available on November 21st.

The third Amazon product is the one that is sure to rock the boat. Amazon is calling it the Kindle Fire. It has a color 7” touch screen and will sell for $199 when it is released on November 21st. They are billing it as the perfect color Kindle (read that as tablet) for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, games, and web browsing. This device will run on the Android operating system. Amazon has already opened their own Android app store. They have also developed a  special Amazon web browser, called Silk, for the Fire.

The Kindle Fire will not have a screen as large as the iPad. It will not have as much memory or as powerful a processor. It will not have a camera or a microphone. So it will not be an iPad killer. It will instead open the market place to another level of tablet. If the implementation is as good as it sounds, the $199 price point will allow  many who cannot afford the $500+ iPad to get into the tablet world.

The beauty of all this for Amazon is that Amazon will make Amazon purchasers out of all the Kindle and Kindle Fire purchasers. This allows them to subsidize the cost of the device. This is something that no other tablet manufacturers could not do as effectively as Amazon. Other manufacturer brought out tablets that were priced at the high end like the iPad. These tablets include HP’s TouchPad, RIM’s Blackberry Playbook, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, and Motorola’s Xoom. All of these have already flopped.

Amazon’s reach for the low end of the tablet market is ingenious. If the implementation is as good as previous Kindle devices, it will give us some great choices for holiday presents this year.

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Mark 01-10-2011, 13:25

The most innovative feature of the Kindle Fire is that it is backed up automatically to the Amazon Cloud

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