Low Tech Meets High Tech in the Woogie

The Griffin Woogie

Just looking at the Woogie, you might be hard pressed to guess what it is and what it does. The bright green color, soft snuggly fabric, and free form shape may indicate that it is for a child.  But most of us would never suspect that this low tech looking thing was for a high tech toy. You see, the Woogie is actually a huggable case and speaker system for iPod touch or an iPhone.

For many parents, the Woogie is the answer to the question “Can I play with your iPhone?”It is a protective case for an iPhone or an iPod touch that allows parents to turn their iPhone over to the kids to let them play. Beware, however, parents may have trouble getting their iPhone back, as the kids that I showed this to just loved it.

There is also a special iPhone and iPod app that works with the Woogie. This app provides an interactive early reading experience with Sesame Street books. The app reads each story out loud and allows parents and kids to record their own voices. The sample app is free and parents also have access to 150 more titile that are Woogie-ready and available from the Apple App Store under the name Iceberg Kids.

The Woogie is a unique and very useful toy made by Griffin.

Woogie The Huggable Case and Media Player for iPod touch and iPhone

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