Move the Cursor with Your Brain

Just had the opportunity to interview Peter Freer, President of Freer Logic. What an amazing project he is involved with! His company has developed an arm (or leg) band that can monitor brain wave activity. It can measure things like focus, anxiety, and relaxation. It can tell an athlete when he or she is “in the zone”. Imagine what that could do for your golf game!

Freer has developed computerized training scenarios which can help a child or adult learn to focus as well as to control anxiety. In these scenarios, you can actually move the cursor on the screen with your brain waves. It sounds completely futuristic, but it is here NOW. Peter is already working with school age children as well as with Olympic sports teams.

This has a wide range of applications. Kids with ADD could use it to train their brains to focus. It could be a great help to air traffic controllers, firefighters, and others who have to perform under stressful conditions. It could even be used by everyday people who just need to relax.

I’ve used a computerized bio-feedback mechanism called WildDivine, which is a great relaxation program. It measures galvanic skin responses to help you relax. Peter’s technology, however, takes it a step further by actually looking at real brain wave activity.

Check out Peter’s video for more information. It’s at

Also, be sure to listen to my podcast interview with Peter Freer. You don’t need an iPod, you can listen right on your computer!

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