Kodak EasyShare Z950

Kodak is such a longstanding name in photography that you might think that any Kodak camera would be great in all respects. Unfortunately that is not necessarily true. When I recently reviewed the Kodak EasyShare Z950, I found that it had many pluses and many negatives, as well.

Kodak EasyShare Z950
Kodak EasyShare Z950
The camera’s Smart Capture mode works wonderfully and can make a beginner look like an expert. You can set it to take pictures without having to adjust any settings and have it do an excellent job. The Z950 also has plenty of settings that can be manually set, so it is good for someone who wants to slowly get into playing with the settings themselves.

However, the camera is slow to start up and slow to snap a picture. So you don’t want to buy it if you will be taking a lot of action shots.

One other thing to be aware of, this camera is quite chunky. It won’t fit in your pocket. For some this will be a deal breaker, but others will find that this makes it easier to handle and more secure in the hand.

The Good

  • Good button layout
  • Nice rubberized grip
  • Many manual features
  • Easy to use
  • Broader-than-average zoom range
  • Good image quality
  • 10X optical Zoom
  • Good color accuracy
  • Low noise levels

The Bad

  • Slow startup
  • Slow to operate
  • Poor video
  • No AV cable
  • Some flimsy plastic parts
  • Too chunky for pants pocket
  • Our unit came with a charging cable that didn’t work consistently

Read my full review with pictures at the  Hardware Secrets website.


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Zona Cloward 23-10-2011, 03:17

For a electronic tech it is hard to keep up with the new toys each year.

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