Lexmark All-in-One S605 Review

Lexmark S605 All-in-One
Lexmark S605 All-in-One

Lexmark S605 All-in-One

This Lexmark all-in-One printer is one of the new Internet-connected printers. Not only does it print, scan, and copy, but you can get the weather, your personal calendar, or stock information on its screen. You can print photos directly from a memory card. You can automate tasks like emailing a scanned document to a certain group of people. You can even use the printer’s screen like a digital picture frame to show off your photos. It can be set to automatically print on both sides of the paper.

The printer has the best touch screen that I’ve seen on a printer. It also had very good print quality and performs all functions more than adequately. So what’s not to like?  Well — I spent several hours on the phone with Lexmark tech support to get the printer set up and wound up with the printer printing, but throwing up a Windows error every time it prints. The Internet connectivity which is accessed by mini programs that Lexmark calls Smart Solutions,  is difficult to set up and use. And not too many solutions are currently available.

However, I must give  Lexmark an A for effort. After I posted my review on Hardware Secrets, they contacted me to try to resolve the problem so that other users will not be confronted with the same errors. They have not yet notified me with the resolution, but I am sure it will be forthcoming.

Here is my summary:

The print quality and good solid print, scan, and copy functionality make this a good All-in-One. The wireless networking was easy to set up, but Lexmark obviously has some problems with their interconnectivity. While adding features and Internet connectivity is certainly admirable, the average consumer doesn’t want to spend hours on the phone with tech support to set up a new printer and certainly doesn’t want to use a printer that throws up errors every time it prints. I might have had more of a tendency to recommend this printer if their tech support could have solved our problems in a timely manner. This printer is a part of a brand new line for Lexmark and perhaps the problems that we had will be resolved, but there is no guarantee.

That said, the touch screen is superior. The interface is clear and easy. While the SmartSolutions might be a reason for a techie to purchase this printer, this technology is still in its infancy. There will have to be a lot more applications that are easier to use before the average person will want to make the leap.

While the S605’s quality and performance are excellent, the problems that came along with this printer make it difficult for me to recommend it.

The Good

  • Excellent large touch screen
  • Great easy-to-use interface
  • Speedy printing
  • Wireless networking  is easy to set up
  • Customizable SmartSolution applications
  • Good quality prints

The Bad

  • SmartSolutions difficult to configure
  • Difficult to  close the touch screen
  • Plagued by software/driver/connectivity problems

My full review including pictures can be found at Hardware Secrets.

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Jennifer L 18-11-2009, 11:06

I agree with the drivers issues, but hopefully that will get better after a few updates. It is pretty fast, but they are never as fast as stated, and the wireless is great for setting it where you want.

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ramesh 09-02-2010, 14:04

I just want to say that Lexmark as a brand sucks. I’m working in Lexmark lab kolkata (india_)and believe me the work culture here just sucks !!!! its terrible working for lexmark and i’ll just want to say that guys pls never work for a company like lexmark..because that will be detrimental for u and ur career..the mgmt team is made up of a bunch of losers …

Chelle 19-03-2010, 16:23

We recently purchased three of these printers for our office because their capabilities to scan, print, and copy effectively. However, all three of them have had the same problem. Repeatedly.

At least once in a day, though it seems to be just about everytime we turn the machine on or take it out of the power save mode, a print head error is thrown. You cannot do anything else with the printer until you take out the print head and wipe it off. Upon reinserting the print head back into the machine and closing the lid it will immediately tell you that your cyan ink cartridge is loose or missing. So you have the joy of then opening the machine back up, removing the ink cartridge, and then inserting it back into the printer.

What is the most irritating thing is if you click OK on your computer after it tells you the same thing your touchscreen on the printer shows you, you will lose the document you were trying to print out of the print queue.

I wouldn’t recommend this piece of (you know what) to anyone. Lexmark was not helpful when calling to troubleshoot the problem. Just alot of sitting on hold and alot of questions that do not help the customer, but instead help the company that manufactured the product. Which is great, unless you want your money back or replacement parts.

scott 19-03-2010, 20:00

I bought this printer today
and spent over 2 hours on the phone with a tech
my printer is functioning wirlessly and I have a internet connection estabished,
I cant connect to smart solutions ???
It is giving me a error that says Please check date
but im using the correct date and time zone
it is quite fustrating
I believe i will be taking this back to office max
I like the looks and ease of use but if it does not even work properly out of the box
what type of problems will i have down the road?

Sandy Berger 20-03-2010, 10:44

I have to agree with your decision to return the printer. Sometimes it is simply not worth the effort….and it should be easy. I like many things about Lexmark printers,but the Smart Solutions Internet connectivity needs a lot of work. Maybe a future model will get it right!

scott 21-03-2010, 20:18

I spoke with the tech over 2 days ago
and have not received a response yet,
it is sunday here in the morning I will be returning this
has anyone else had this issue?

scott 18-04-2010, 16:32

I have talked to the lexmark techs 3 times and no avail.
This has become unacceptable. It has now been past the 2 weeks I had to return it to office max.
I am going to give lexmark a chance to send me a upgrade model for all the time on my cell phone and all the additional hassles, I will of course send them this defected unit in return.
A tech is “supposed” to call me back on monday or tuesday and if they do not have a resolution for
me I will then inquire about having them send me the above model.
If they opt not to work with me and understand my frustration after all this it will speak volumes as to there
customer support.
…stay tuned

Lisa B 28-06-2010, 18:44

I have had so many registry/driver/connectivity problems I’m going to throw this printer in the trash. I’ve had it for six months. This is a terrible printer, the worst I’ve ever had. Problems:

Printer head error when there is nothing wrong with the printer head – causes you to lose your queue entirely
Printer deletes documents before printing them
Wireless connection causes my computer to freeze
Registry error caused my computer to freeze – lost the ability to work for four days while it was being fixed
Uses enormous amounts of ink

This is a terrible, horrible printer.

WENDY LILLY 08-06-2011, 04:22

I had an Epson all in one for a few years and had no problems at all with it ( apart from the cost of replacement inks) It was only when I started to have quality print issues that it was sent away and because it could not be repaired, they sent me a credit note for a replacement printer of my choice. Unfortunately, I decided on the Lexmark S600, it had all the qualities I was looking for and looked a nice printer. How wrong could I have been. I purchased it in February and on setting it up I had problems with the printer head straight away. I took it back to the store and they said they had had a few problems and gave me a replacement immediately. This was ok and I went on line and registered the product with Lexmark. I recently started having more problems with this new one. firstly it kept saying the inks were low, even though I had not done much colour printing. Then when I finally gave in and replaced all the inks, once again the printing came out patchy and with vertical lines on . It told me to run a clean, which i did but it was still no good. It then said if the clean did not work, I was to run a deep clean which I did. Not only did this not work either but it also gobbled up over half the inks I had just put in.
I am now on my 3rd machine in 3 months and am now trying to contact Lexmark to change the serial number on my guarantee. How hard can this be you ask!!!!! I have tried phoning 4 times. Twice to be left on hold till I got fed up of waiting and now for the past 2 days their phone line has been down with techical problems. I have e,mailed them and given them my new details thinking they would amend the records internally, but, no, they just said to phone and speak to the tech guys who would change it for me. I seem to be being passed from pillar to post and no one wants to help. Wrongly I thought Lexmark, a good well known company and reputation. If it was’nt for taking out the additional 3 year guarantee, I would take the machine back for a refund and get another make.

Dave W 31-07-2011, 08:48

I’ve wasted hours trying to sort out the problem with the clean printhead and install the latest firmware to correct the problem. I’m about to waste another two hours taking the thing back to the shop. I’m going to see if I can change it for another printer. The time I’ve wasted is worth a lot more than I paid for this so called printer. Seems to me that Lexmark need to get their act together.


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