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I love the Nintendo DS, so it was with great anticipation that I opened the new Nintendo DSi. The size and shape were very similar to the old DS, but Nintendo has added two cameras, support for a removable storage card, and added audio capabilities. This new hand-held gaming device has a great new interface that is easier to use than the old one. And it now supports WPA, so you can use it with your home wireless network. Unfortunately you still cannot play online with others on a WPA encrypted network.

The new DSi plays all of the DS games, so I didn’t have to give up the Nintendogs game that I love to play with my grandchildren. We each have a DS with a Nintendog game so we can send gifts to each other’s dogs and our dogs can visit each other. It’s great fun. I simply substituted the new DSi for my old DS and everything worked as before.

Playing with the cameras on the DSi was great fun. Not only can you take pictures, but you can easily add frames, stars, kisses, and other nifty objects. You can also manipulate the photos in fun ways….make a nose bigger, make a mouth turn down, etc. Yes, for grown-ups it can get old quickly, but it is still provides an occasional smile.

The DSi also lets you record your own voice and manipulate it just as you do the photos.

There are not yet a lot of games out that take advantage of the DSi’s new cameras and microphone. I can’t wait for them to start appearing, as they should be really fun. The DSi is currently $30 more than the DS. I think it is worth the price.

Here are my pros and cons:


  • Two cameras & software add to the fun
  • Can be used to play music
  • Audio recording
  • Excellent new interface
  • WPA support
  • DSi Store
  • Can play large selection of DS games
  • Replaceable battery


  • Games can currently run only from internal memory
  • Audio clips are limited to 10 seconds
  • Pictures can’t be easily emailed or posted online
  • WPA support doesn’t allow online play
  • Supports only unencrypted AAC files

You can read my full 7-page review with pictures at HardwareSecrets.

Nintendo Nintendo DSi (Blue)
Nintendo Nintendo DSi (Blue)
Nintendo Nintendo DSi (Blue)

Experience a world of sleek and powerful portable gaming and so much more. Nintendo DSi builds on the DS Lite with a succession of new and enhanced features designed to appeal to both gamers and casual users. At a mere 18.9mm thin, the almost effortlessly portable DSi fits conveniently into your pocket and your life, making it easy to play games on the go, take a quick mental break in the middle of your busy day or even share favorite photos and music with friends. The 3.25″ screen of the DSi brings images to life with even greater depth and clarity for intense gaming or convenient photo showcasing. Two built-in cameras, one on the interior and one on the exterior, make it easy to snap photos of yourself or your friends, and a variety of photo-related functions let you compare facial photos, edit colors, distort shapes and other fun activities. Indulge in your favorite music with the DSi music player, which lets you play favorite music saved on an SD card, adjust the pitch or speed, view imagery generated by the Music Visualizer, edit audio files you’ve recorded using the DSi microphone and more, and the improved speaker volume and sound quality make music and gaming audio even more immersive. You can even use Nintendo DSi Points to download DSi-exclusive software, such as the DSi Browser (which lets you browse the Internet) and Mini DSi Brain Training (which offers fast and convenient mental challenges) for additional fun and convenience.


Nintendo DSi 08-07-2009, 08:35

Don’t forget it also has a web browser and webcam, making it more than just a games console.

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DSi Console 14-07-2009, 09:53

I went out to buy a dsi on release day then afterwards found out about the free games offer.

DSi Games 28-10-2009, 19:37

You’re right, the 10 second limit on audio is a great shame but that aside I think the audio functions are great – and fun too

Babara Lawis 23-02-2010, 09:15

I know this was a very interesting publish thanks for writing it!

tim 24-03-2010, 21:09

i have one but my issue is that i can’t get the effects feature listening to my music files via sd card…i click on it l/r and icons just change but no effect?

Dsi Games 22-04-2010, 06:15

Very nice review you went through every detail, I think the Dsi is a great Device

Sherwood Liberato 13-05-2010, 14:04

I downloaded Rock Band last week and, despite the fact its an old game, its the best Nintendo DS game in my opinion =)

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