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QuickBooks is one of the most widely used and loved business accounting programs. It has garnered its immense following by being one of the easiest accounting programs to use. QuickBooks has an interface that can be understood by the average business owner, even if they don’t have an accounting background.

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QuickBooks 2009 keeps the standard QuickBooks well-designed, intuitive interface, and ease of installation, and adds some new features. The new features are well done and they improve the product without adding complexity. This is a good model for other software manufacturers. I especially wish that Microsoft would take note of it.
For me, the most valuable of these new QuickBook features is the Company Snapshot which gives an overview of all your business’s vital statistics on a single-screen. It is a useful tool to get a quick look at the overall health of the company without getting lost in the daily bookkeeping details.

Online banking tools have also been improved. Depending on your bank setting, this up may be simple or a bit of a pain. The best part, however, is that QuickBooks is so ubiquitous that all banks work hard at working well with the QuickBooks program.

QuickBooks 2009 has added a Live Community feature that can be accessed right from the program. This allows you to ask questions and get answers as you work. The value of this feature is hit and miss. We asked four questions. Two were answered fairly promptly. Two were totally unanswered.

This year’s QuickBooks also has support for international payments. It supports most of the world currencies. It also has better client data-review tools for accountants. Another added feature is that QuickBooks now comes with a free Web site for one year. After that Intuit charges $4.99 a month. Although you only get a few pages, Intuit has made the Website easy to set up and you can easily make it very professional looking using their built-in templates and tools.
I tested the $400 QuickBooks Premier, but most companies will find the $200 Pro version adequate for their needs. You can also purchase Pro or Premier versions for up to five simultaneous users. The Premier edition adds the ability to create business plans, to forecast sales and expenses, and to create special industry-specific chart of accounts and reports.

Although I have concentrated on the new features in QuickBooks 2009, new users to QuickBooks will find that it handles all the accounting needs of a small business, including printing checks, paying bills and tracking expenses, managing payroll, handling payroll taxes and sales taxes, creating invoices, and creating estimates. It also has professional-looking forms and business reports.

QuickBooks 2009 remains the best accounting program for small businesses, but it has a few drawbacks. The biggest is that there is no free support for setup issues. Although I installed it on several computers with no problem, I have been a QuickBooks user for years and am quite used to the program. A complete accounting neophyte might need some help and I wish that Intuit would at least offer free support for the first 30 days.

Also, in my testing, I received a consistent error on three different Vista 64-bit machines when trying to perform reconciliations. The program seems to always hang when it tries to write a PDF file, which it tries to do during the reconciliation process. I found no help at the Intuit website, but I did find a work-around at a Site called Practical QuickBooks. Please note that this problem only occurred on Vista 64-bit computers. QuickBooks 2009 ran fine on Windows XP or Vista 32-bit computer. Hopefully, Intuit will fix this Vista 64-bit problem soon.

Other than that one glitch, I can highly recommend QuickBooks 2009 as a great full-featured small business accounting program.


Charlie Russell 16-02-2009, 12:58

Sandy, thank you for the mention of my article on Vista 64 problems in QuickBooks. I will also note that your article mentions the online banking feature – this was dramatically changed in the 2009 release and it doesn’t work very well (although they are trying to fix it). If you use online banking extensively, be careful about changing from older versions of QuickBooks to the 2009 release. I do have a series of articles on this in my blog, at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2008/12/quickbooks-2009-and-online-banking-some-fixes/

Brandy 17-03-2009, 16:19

thanks for the mention! i have used quickbooks for some years now but my current issue is:
when transferring funds from personal loan acct to operating acct, personal loan amount increases instead of decreasing….entering it as a debit to loan and as a credit to operating. any suggestions would be very helpful.
brandy—i’m blonde haha

Marylin Safranek 31-10-2010, 12:53

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