The Zune MP3 Player Review

The Microsoft Zune got off to a bad start. The first generation product was chunky and kind of ugly and the software was lacking. The subscription service was the same old thing. It even had a problem that caused it to stop working at the end of a leap year.

The New Zune
The New Zune

The New Zune

That said, I want you all to know that Microsoft did a spectacular job with the 2nd generation Zune. It is small and sleek. It sounds great. The software is dynamic. It handles a wide variety of different audio and video formats. Microsoft has added a lot of content to their Zune Marketplace including videos and TV shows. They are even starting to produce their own original content.

Microsoft also changed the subscription service in a way that really benefits most subscribers. Now, for $14.99 a month you get to listen to almost all the 3+million songs and you get to keep 10 tracks a month to keep in your permanent collection. It’s like purchasing a CD a month and getting a whole lot more!

If you just want to play your own music on a portable player, the iPod is good, but if you are a real music lover the Zune is for you. It lets you listen to all of the music you love and the Zune Community helps you find new music as well.

I looked at the Zune 4 which is a 4GB flash memory model that sells for $100. My full review of the Zune, including pictures and specifications is posted at Hardware Secrets. Be sure to check it out!


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