Thin Is In — Again

Remember Twiggy, the skinny supermodel that made every woman wish she were thinner? Well, during the Twiggy days, we regular-sized women often thought that there really was such a thing as too thin.

The introduction of the new iPod nanos brought that same thought to mind. The new 4th generation nanos are beautiful. They have great bright colors. And they are thin—-very, very thin.

Thin is in!
Thin is in!

Thin is in!

I have owned nanos from all 3 previous generations. I lost my first generation nano. I think that it was so thin that it got thrown away in a stack of papers. So there may really be such a thing as being too skinny.

That said, this new nano has slightly curved sides which make it feel good in the hand. It also has an accelerometer so you can watch movies horizontally. It has one cool feature that the other iPods  and even the iPhone don’t have — you can shake it to randomize the song it plays. Only problem is that I would probably never use either of these features. My eyes rebel at watching movies on the tiny nano screen, and I don’t want to be surprised by the music I hear, I want to choose it.

Oh well, I guess that means I won’t be giving up my short 3rd generation iPod nano. I like the fact that it’s a little thicker and shorter. I’ll be admiring the great colors in the new nanos, but that’s about all.

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