iPhone Took Only 3 Days with No Waiting in Line

Last Friday afternoon, I placed my order for an iPhone at the local AT&T store. There was no line and ordering the phone took about 5 minutes. AT&T said the phone would be delivered in about 7 days. I was surprised to get an email yesterday (Tuesday) saying that the iPhone had been delivered to the store. All I had to do was to come in to have it activated and take it home. So my iPhone took only two working days…. outstanding!

I went in to pick up the phone today. There were no lines and activation took only about 20 minutes. The nice folks at AT&T even gave me a personalized tour of the phone’s features.

In case you are interested, there are still no iPhones in stock at any of the stores that I checked. You can order one the way I did. But now they are now saying that it will take 7-21 days for delivery.

My shiny white iPhone is beautiful! Now to have fun checking out all the features. I’ll give you the pros and cons as soon as I can.

BTW Read the OakInnovations Blog for an interesting, detailed explanation of why Apple will not introduce a white iPhone….They just did!

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