Ultra USB Buddy Hub

The proliferation of computers in the home and small office and the abundance of USB devices to attach to those computers can pose some problems for the computer user. The Hub Buddy is a unique device that will solve a problem for some. It is a 7-Port USB hub that allows you to share USB devices between two computers.

Share Devices
Share Devices

That’s right, this USB 2.0 hub allows for 7 inputs and 2 different outputs. It is a very up-to-date way of sharing peripherals between 2 computers, if those computers are in the same vicinity. If you only have one computer, you can use it as a plain USB hub that gives you extra USB ports for additional equipment.

The Buddy Hub is a small slick-looking black device that measures just 5 ¼ x 2 ½ x 1″. It is easy to set up and use. If you want to hook it up to 2 computers, you use the included USB cables (about 4′ long) to attach the computers, then up to 7 USB devices can be plugged into the hub. Each device has an A/B selector switch that can be pressed to toggle the device between the two computers. The brightly lit red and green LEDs give you the status of each device at a glance. This device allows you to use a single USB mouse and keyboard for two different computers. It’s also an easy way to share peripherals such as scanners and printers. In a sharing atmosphere, it eliminates the need to constantly plug and unplug the equipment.

The Buddy Hub comes with 2 USB cables, a power adapter, and an instruction booklet. Because it is a powered hub, most devices work well with it. Because it is USB 2.0, it allows newer ASB devices to work at the best speed, but will also accommodate older USB 1.1 devices.

All-in-all, it is a cool device that works seamlessly.

Device: Ultra 7-Port USB 2.0 Buddy Hub
Manufacturer: ULTRA Products
Retail: $39.99
Date of Review: 7-7-2008


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