Amazon Kindle E-Book

Smaller & Lighter than a paperback
Smaller & Lighter than a paperback

I recently had the pleasure of using the Amazon Kindle e-book reader for a few weeks. It’s a big step forward and better than any of the previous electronic books.

The technology behind the Kindle is nothing short of amazing. Great clarity and battery life and you can resize the text to fit your visual needs. You can buy books from the Amazon Store and access the Internet without any wires and even better, without any monthly fees. (I told you the technology was wonderful.)

Unfortunately,some of the design features just don’t measure up. Yet, if you like to read, it may be a worthy purchase. And if you like to take reading material along when you travel, it may save you money with the new “charge for luggage” airline rules.

You can read my full review at Hardware Secrets. Feel free to post your comments either here or at Hardware Secrets.


ProKindle 26-06-2008, 18:55

I, myself, am also Kindle champion as well, and I think that there are a number of intangible “cost” savings and benefits to consider as well the monetary paypack over time.

First of all, think of the convenience the Kindle provides you. Now, you can read all of your favorite newspapers, blogs, books, magazines etc. anywhere and everywhere. You do not have to worry about the weight and size of your reading material and about how you will transport it on the move.

Second, you can do and learn more with what would have been wasted down time while you wait for this or that. You can just pull it out whenever you have a few minutes here and there.

Third, think of the environmental cost savings. If we, as a collected whole, begin to do more and more of our reading from “paper-like” digital devices, we will be cutting down less trees, maintaining and even increasing oxygen levels and perhaps even fighting global warming.

Fourth, you begin reading content that you may have otherwise missed and will become more and more educated/cultured as you seek out new and different reading materials.

All in all, while $359 for this device plus the cost of the books etc. seems high, you are getting a great deal of value out of it, be it value from convenience, value from supplementary education, value from environmental protection or other value.

I still would reccommend this to anyone! Please visit!

Orawan 15-08-2008, 14:35

Great Tips! Very objective and professional review. I’ve been using Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader for about a week now, I am very happy with my Kindle and look forward to many happy hours of reading. I love it so much. Thank you

Ebook Search Engine 15-08-2008, 19:37

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R. Davis 13-12-2009, 22:51

I purchased this in the spring and upon receiving it the forward left button had a slight creaking noise. It was not to bad and I just wanted to use my kindle. As time has gone by the noise got louder and went down to the corner of the kindle. I called told them my problem and with in a matter of minutes they were going to ship me a new kindle. I received it in less that 24 hours. Amazon your kindle customer service ROCKS!!!

Eugenio Sherfy 26-01-2010, 04:07

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