If you want to text message, but you are just not good at thumb-typing, there may be an easy solution. This tip allows you to send texts and email without typing.

You don't have to type to text or even to email. Many of today's cell phones and tablets will let you speak and then will translate what you say into text. To see if your device has this capability, just start a text or email to get up the on-screen keyboard. Then look for a small microphone icon. Press that icon and start talking and when you are done, your message will be turned into text. Most newer devices have this capability.

If you have an iPhone with Siri, it is even easier. Just say text or email and then give the name of the person you want to text or email. Siri will take your dictation and send the text or email for you.

If you have a microphone on your computer, you may also be able to do things like search with your voice. To check it out, go to Google and look at the text entry box. If there is a microphone at the right side of the box, click on it and start talking to search without typing.