What you don't know about smoke alarms really may kill you. Here are some smoke alarm tips from Kidde, one of the leading manufacturers in this industry. Be sure you read this!

Alarms should be installed in every room of the house including basements and finished attics, in each bedroom and hallways outside of every sleeping area, and at the top and bottom of stairways.

Studies show that on average, families have less than three minutes from the time the first smoke alarm sounds to escape a fire. The closer a smoke alarm is to a fire's origin, the earlier it will sound and the more time you will have to get out. 

Alarms should be replaced every 10 years. Alarms monitor the home every minute of every day and their lifespan is not infinite. If you do not know how old your smoke alarm is, you should replace it.  

Test your smoke alarm per manufacturer’s instructions and replace the batteries as needed. 

Gently vacuum your smoke alarm monthly to prevent dirt from blocking the sensor. 

Do not disable a smoke alarm in nuisance situations. Do not "borrow" smoke alarm batteries for other uses such as toys or radios. 


Develop and practice a fire escape plan with the family, so that everyone knows what to do when the alarm sounds.