Need help with your computer, tablet, or phone? There are actually several places that you can go to get help.

A great place to go is to online communities. These online groups can be very helpful in getting questions answered and learning from others. If you don’t know where to look for them, just Google your questions and you will get links to several places that might give you an answer and that you might want to revisit later.

Friends and family are also great resources. If you have the same type of phone or tablet as others you know, start sharing the little tips and how-tos that you discover and they are sure to reciprocate by showing you what they know. 

When you are looking for apps for your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can also take advantage of the opinions of others. The Apple iTunes store, the Google Play store, and the Kindle app store all allow users to rate apps. This is extremely useful for finding new apps. And if you haven’t yet played with apps, please start now. They provide a whole new world for you to experience.