With the introduction of Internet Explorer 9, the browser wars are starting to heat up again. The good news is that they are all free.

There is a good possibility that there will be a tablet-type PC (think iPad) in your future. We tell you why.

Peter Freer is an educator at heart, so he invented an unobtusive way to monitor brain waves to help students concentrate and learn. Now he is taking his discovery to other industries. What to get in the zone to improve your golf game? Or to completely relax after a stressful day? -- Peter has the technology and he tell us all about it in this podcast.

Remember, you don't need an iPod -- you can listen on your computer!


News:Browsers Wars Start Again


Peter Freer, President Freer Logic, LLC
Peter talks about his new technology to monitor brain waves
Check out his video -- It's amazing!
Look at other applications for this technology at PlayAttention.com

Topic 1:
There is a tablet PC in your future

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